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Redskin Players and Coaches Should Feel Shame


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Last night the Washington Redskins got beaten by the superior New England Patriots.


There was nothing good about Washington's Performance. The Patriots were dominant

on both sides of the ball. For all the hype about our stellar players reality came to

the team. The Redskins suck. I can't wait to see how Danny 'I chop park trees' Snyder spins

this one.

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The Redskins loss was both embarrassing and demoralizing.


What happened to our defense? Even Sean Taylor got lit up!


Do we ever go through special teams coverage and drills in practice? Seriously, our kickoff coverage is worse than most college teams, other teams start at midfield!


Not one single player had a good game and even studs like Taylor and Moss stunk. It was a sad game for the team and the city.

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There is one arguement that is buzzing around the media that the Redskins are not showing their plays for the Vikings game. But, the look on the coaches was quite different. Gibbs, Williams, and Saunders jaws dropped about two feet on my television. The players did not look happy either. If the Redskins are pretending to be this bad, they should get an acedemy award for their performance.

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I watched the Redskins and New England and I was disappointed but I think the Redskins are going to win against the Ravens this Thursday. I have a good feeling about it and the Redskins will beat the Ravens by 24- 14 I am going to have my tea and chips for the game to. I hope Clinton Portis will be back soon for the season opener on 11th of September. I think that the Redskins will have a great season this year and make it to the playoffs too.

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Pardon my ignorance, but since this is only the preseason then isn't it that this is the time when the Redskins

just shake out the cob webs in their offence, and defensive lines?


Oh! and their special teams.



Not trying to show your hand and not showing up or two different things. The Redskins need to get the act together before the Vikings game. The division is too tough to lose ground in even if it is the first week.


I hope Al Saunders can call a play where our o-line doesn't look lost.

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Here is what Redskins offensive head coach, Al Saunders, had to say about this issue.


You've seen a work in progress. I don't like the score but there's a process we're going through," said the veteran NFL coach. "The process is taking a patient look at the players we have and putting them in position to do what we need to see them do."


We're not covering the edges on pass protection because we need to see those guys by themselves out there without help from tight ends and backs. We need to see more rhythm in our game and do some things that are very basic without having scheme be the thing that we count on in the preseason. That is what I've always done.


I'm not happy if we don't score every time we have the football in practice. We will get there. I know what the end product will look like.


I feel very comfortable there are players developing their skills to be what we need them to be. For those who see practice, I think you see a totally different football team in terms of the strategy and tactics that we utilize in a game. There is a reason for that. There is a process that we know works, a system that we know works and a procedure of developing an offensive football team that we have had success with over a lot of years.


Certainly there were some disappointing parts of the game. There were some guys who probably didn't play at the level we would have liked them to play, and they know that. They know what they need to work on to fix it.


In the 1970's, Al Saunders joined the coaching staff at San Diego State University under Head Coach Don Coryell. Saunders would go with Coryell to NFL when Coryell became the Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers.


From 1983-1986, Saunders was the wide receivers coach for the Chargers. He was tapped as the Charger's Interim Head Coach when Coryell resigned during the middle of the 1986 season. Saunders would eventually replace Coryell as the Head Coach from 1986-1988.


From 1989-1998, Saunders was with the Kansas City Chiefs, where he served as the Assistant Head Coach and Wide Receivers Coach under Marty Schottenheimer.


On January 19, 2006, he joined the coaching staff of the Washington Redskins as the Associate Head Coach - Offense, reuniting him with fellow "Air Coryell" alumn, Joe Gibbs.

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