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  1. http://www.physorg.com/news147454178.html Starwars style holographic 3DTV could be a reality by 2018, experts say Led by Professor John Watson from the University's School of Engineering, experts from the institution were partners in a four year European Commission (EC) funded project to investigate the underlying principles, technologies and practicalities of introducing 3D TV systems to the mass market. The findings of the project suggest that a stereoscopic 3D TV with the viewer wearing 3D glasses is near market and may only be a few months away. More advanced systems b
  2. This stuff is very important for a reason; You see under the Clinton Administration The Clintons cut off most of the funding to Latin America. Which in turn Latin America moved towards the Middle East for their funding. So in Barack Obama appointing Hillary to be the Head of Department Of State is already sending a signal to Latin America in stating that America WILL keep Latin America at arms length. It also shows that even though Barack obama is smart in picking smart people, it's also showing that he IS a novice when it comes to foreign policy, and so is Hillary. Do you see
  3. If I am reading Obama Correctly? His next pick for the Top State Department Official for Latin America might be? Frank Sanchez, and Dan Restrepo at NSA. Either way It's going to be interesting to see who goes where? Why? Simple; It will telegraph as to which direction Barack Obama IS going to go in Latin America. Both WILL be in the Obama Administration, and that's for SURE. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HTTP://WWW.MIAMIHERALD.COM/NEWS/COLUMNISTS...ORY/768818.HTML THE OPPENHEIMER R
  4. Folks, you just have to do your home work "That's all". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c49948 Media & Entertainment being one of the under-researched industries- our goal here is to help shine a bit more light on what is going on in each county in this industry and help provide more granularity regarding market figures, segmentation, key ISVs, etc. This was an extensive research project covering over 80 Media & Entertainment companies in In
  5. It is done. You have mail. Any which you want to go now? It's up to you. Bfrank, you CAN'T stop him now in any which way that he wants to go, and that in part is what it is to be Republican. The freedom to choose which party a person wants to be in no matter what propaganda either side puts out. To be independent of thought, and action. You see the thing is? I give out that type of information to the homeless ALL of the time. I DON'T give the homeless fake hope, but REAL HOPE. For most, the info I give them goes in one ear, and out the other, but the one's who really take info
  6. Nice to Have you Back Rees. Missed ya in here, and Happy Thanksgiving to you, and to all. <wink> I think That I will send ya the info you need to do as you please Whether in business, or in politics. Consider it a consolation prize for your tenacity. I like ya; You don't give up. Plus I figured out Barack Obama, and I think instead of me going after just the democrats legally as well as politically, I will also go after Barack Obamas Network in the same manner that I will go after the democrats. Barack Obama WILL keep his network seperate from the DNC machine. You ar
  7. http://www.theblackfriday.com Nice web site. I'm going thru it like there was no tomorrow.
  8. http://www.doleta.gov/tradeact/ Just so all of you know, and since in the New Administration are Free Traders "It's nice to know about this program". The structure of NAFTA is in place now. There really is more politics in this town than most of you can dream of. The security aspects HAD to be addressed, and no one really wanted to touch that one. Now you know.
  9. Now as to how will President elect Barack Obama will deal with Venezuela? He "Barack Obama" will follow the Bush Doctrine of CONTAINMENT.
  10. Even though in terms of the "War on terror" President Elect Obama is a positive image in the fight against terrorism. Just by the Cabinet picks so far suggest that President elect Obama has no real grasp on how to deal with World Leaders, and will be leaving foreign policy to Hillary, and to a great degree to Bill Clinton as well. As to how President Elect Barack Obama will deal with future Foreign policy crisis? That remains to be seen. With one of the more major issues being Iran having sufficient Nuclear Material for 1 Atomic bomb thus far. --------------------------------
  11. Looking into my crystal ball, I see Chavez wanting to rule Venezuela for life. Looking deeper into my crystal ball; If he wants to run the country into the ground, and the vast majority of Venezuelans supporting him? Who are we to say no. <A Jaws type smile> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...r=latin_america Venezuela Opposition Candidates Win Caracas, 3 States (Update2) By Matthew Walter and Daniel Cancel Nov. 24 (Bloomberg) -- V
  12. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In other words; Discipline.
  13. http://www.nist.gov/public_affairs/techbea...m#nanoparticles Nanoparticles in the Home: More and Smaller Than Previously Detected Extremely small nanoscale particles are released by common kitchen appliances in abundant amounts, greatly outnumbering the previously detected, larger-size nanoparticles emitted by these appliances, according to new findings* by researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). So-called “ultrafine particles” (UFP) range in size from 2 to 10 nanometers. They are emitted by motor vehicles and a variety of indoor sources and have attra
  14. Red; The General Public does not understand the stakes of checks, and balances. The Minnesota race just floors me? I REALLY did Not believe it possible. The only Explanations' that I can come up with is that; Most folks being online think that with information being so readily available online that the solutions will be just as quick "When in reality it is not". Or that the Republicans mistakes were so grave that it could not get any worse. Either way, the General Public is in for a rude awakening if the democrats hold a 60 vote majority, but the latter scares me the most.
  15. If President elect Barack Obama goes after NAFTA? Consider it "Economic Suicide". The Politics of linking foreign trade with Union Demands IS A NON-Starter "That type of Politics IS OVER". President Elect Obama you WILL have to renegotiate "In the current light of REALITY" your political obligations with the unions. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/artic...CfguGDE9FuBcMbQ LIMA, Peru (AFP) — Twenty-one Asia-Pacific economies making up half of world commer
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