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  1. The Redskins looked like they did not even play in Preseason. My Giants dominated every aspect of the game. Maybe your team will win against some weaker teams in schedule. But, I see the Redskins at the bottom of the NFC. Until you get rid of Dan Snyder the Redskins will do nothing. exRedskins fans are leaving in droves and the worst owner in the league is forcing them to stay. It is shame what Snyder has done to your franchise. Maybe next year fellas...
  2. BigBlue

    My Giants Won

    Come out tomorrow to the Irish Times and scream Giants rule and I will buy ya a drink. That was the best game I have ever watched.
  3. Al Gore , hasn't gotten so much attention since he invented the Internet.
  4. My buddy calls your city a 'Third World Nation.' Now I understand. The city and government is filled with morons.
  5. There is nothing to analize here. Redskins just suck and belong at the bottom of our division.
  6. Wake up!!!! Your Coach is way overrated. Attemping a field goal instead of going for it showed everyone your team is all hype. Your team is a a bunch of country club softies. The Giants manhandled your offensive and defensive lines. Good luck against the Titans. You guys will need it.
  7. 19-3 Giant win.... How sweet it is, how sweet it is! That's right you Redskin morons, the Giants took your team to the woodshed. I thought Gibbs was gonna cry on the sideline. I bet you guys lose to Tennesee next week. And then the Colts. Oh, grab your life jacket, the ship is taking on water. And who's Santana Moss anyway?
  8. Too bad you SUCK and so does your team, beaten in our house again!!
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