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    CERT "Community Emergency Response Team" Citizen Trainer, Ward 3 Dems, early internetworker, and poet to boot.
  1. Democracy is when the people do the work of the people, so far the people of DC are giving up democracy for ease, speed, and some future undefined amendment that NO LIVE PERSON WILL VOTE ON BEFORE IT BECOME A LAW. It is not like the schools have not been broke for years why the speed to take them over now? As my child is in DCPS I have as much in this issue at stake as any other residence of the District. I am not going to sit by quietly and watch the District become Operation Iraqi freedom. I will also be looking to hold elected officials responsible when this whole school thing blows up in their and more than likely the kid that are in DCPS faces. Just like the vote to go to War on the national level, those that were in favor of it while it was easy to be are now finding the citizenry a bit more reluctant to buy into their campaign. I believe that in a very short time this will be a defining moment for those of us in DC. To vote on any level is the prime dictate of a democracy those that don't vote give up that right and the right to complain later as far as I am concerned.
  2. I saw that, but you don't have to look to the past to see Gore's future he has the most grass support of anyone running for office. Also do not underestimate the US publics sense of needing to right the 2000 wrong -no matter who caused it.....
  3. I hope you are right (how often is that expressed lol) and don't forget about the court challenge.
  4. So to inshire this new found right we here by as citizens give up the right to amend our own charter and allow congress to draft our new legistation, then let it languish for 35 day where there after it becomes DC law and no one voted on it. I am calling Bull SH*T on any one that supports Congress, heck it will be a staffer, drafting our laws and enacting them. That said I will be the first person to sign up and carry the public referendum to every home that votes in Ward 3.
  5. He is going to run and win. Just take a look at the grass roots....... we have the most meetups Popular Topics in USA Presidential Draft Al Gore 104 Meetup Groups Barack Obama 69 Meetup Groups John Kerry 46 Meetup Groups John Edwards / One America 42 Meetup Groups Dennis Kucinich 29 Meetup Groups Hillary Rodham Clinton 27 Meetup Groups Wesley Clark 8 Meetup Groups Draft Mark Warner 6 Meetup Groups George W. Bush 5 Meetup Groups Ralph Nader 3 Meetup Groups Draft Russ Feingold 3 Meetup Groups John Cox for President 1 Meetup Groups
  6. I am very surprised to not hear any clamer'n about the role Congress is going to have in drafting the law with they will not vote on and thus after 35 days becomes our new law. Now this law has not been changed since 1806 and I am sure the kids on staff down there will take all of this into consideration when crafting our new non-voted-upon-by- anyone new District Law. Did we just not march and demand our right to vote and yet we do not care to use it on what is now called the most important issue in DC history..............................................so let a staffer on the hill draft our law is what we demand and Council voted to do............... We demand our right to do nothing..............................................is the call of the day.
  7. Speaking of overweight Anyone else noticed a certain non-politician looking a bit slimmer?
  8. Look no further than right here, it is not a matter of if it is when for Rove. You are keep drinking the koolaid and thinking everything is all right. But if you want a leftwinger I am close. Yet I am an American with a Galactic mindset. Here is the funny thing about a tree falling in the forest. If you did not know, I will give you the good new that I found after I finished doing some of the research for a DC Institute. One of the gems we found is that the projections on our population replacement puts us in a 3 way tie for last place in the world in nonsustaining population growth within 5 years.. So you do the math if your not there with kids there is not future for the GOP seeing how it and it's ilk make themselves repulsive to their own race, to the point of falling behind the population replace ration of 2.1. That leaves everyone else to make up for the lost of growth. As a lefty I have produced two girls and guess that is 1.3 percentage points higher that the existing average. I even go further -- I bet if you take a look 8 years out from both the Clinton/Gore and Bush/Cheney Administration that it will be oblivious which one is winning the breading war. I worked for CG As these kidless GOPers do solve a interesting problem! For a population pool that is declining at the same rate as their parents/soon to be housemates seem to me to just be a good deal to have them both together withering away in their homes. All heffed up on phamareligousolgy/fox wondering what happened to the rapture. While the rest of the mulit cultural world goes out for Jumpfest/carnavel/adamsmorganday and with all this the world is getting more colorful per baby. See my girls are Columbian on grandpa's side and that is something to behold. If you have not done so visit a school sometime us crackers -- are fewer and fewer every baby. That felt good. Hope no one's feeling are going to get hurt.
  9. I was wondering if anyone else was paying attention to the actually points that Vice President Gore ask the members of Congress to consider. I thought they has some thing up there and others going holy shist he is now offering legislation that we should have thought about and now we have to say we like what he is doing. HA HA HA. is what I say and besides he is going to run so HA HA HA again..
  10. I was approached by the Algore.org or AGO and asked to help out since some time ago I had signned up on the site. I keep to meeting the weird & wonderful that politic's brings out and I have learned quite a bit about my Carbon Offset Karma. Hope that answers your question. For me It's the Environment. I also like completion seeing how I did already elected him President once and until he finish that term we are at out of balance. As for will Al run we believe if we build it, the draft troops, we will run Give Em Gore Nelson
  11. There was not one person on the payroll of Cropp for Mayor from her council staff. Which is weird! The campaign manager Phyllis did go on leave from her post as Sec. of the Council. After the election she returned to the post and then when Gray came in she left to where let me know when you do. People go on leave every campaign cycle that is one of the civic things that people do, to further promote our brand of republicism or themselves which will soon be oneness. I hope any one that wanted a job I worked with gets a job. We laughed all the time about the number of post grade, campaign, workers it took to knock on your door. As for little ole me I am running the DraftAlGore.Meetup.com/9 in Washington DC. We are going to be having a major Gore rally on March 21 the day he comes back to the Hill. Which is also the equinox.
  12. I wish, I had that much influence. Alas I was just a mere staffer for Linda Cropp whom I found to be a warm sweet women. Like any campaign where you lose people point fingers all over the place but never at them self. As for selling her out, if everyone that said they were going to vote for Linda voted-- We all know the election results. Me calling anyone a name that is not my style and seeing how only one such example is cited from an a blog that maybe only you are reading. I do have a new blog www.FederalCity.US, with a national lens on the District. Help Earth, Nelson PS so far Fenty has keep the schools open and closed with reason and the District has not melted into the Potomac. I will also support any major change to the school system which my family is fully invested in Janney social capital.
  13. Its the environment for 08 and our ability to habituate on earth.
  14. This bill is stalled and some old man who thinks he is a voter counter in 08 believes that giving DC & Utah both a vote now coupled with the chance that Utah could get a vote anywhy after the next census could be a tipping point on the electoral vote in 08. With Bush leading what is left of the GOP or GOD party or both cus they are not the same unless we run a certain senior hill gentleman the Dems will win in 08 and the vote is not going to be close. This will be one of the most bloggedyougoogletubed ajaxed resulted race. 4 what its worth. Nelson
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