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  1. I really like Tears in Heaven. I am a big Clapton Fan.
  2. She seems lively and wholesome.
  3. Nachiappan, Cute name. What does it mean in English? I think our government needs withdraw its annual $25 billion in subsidies for coal and oil and create equivalent subsidies for clean, safe, non-nuclear energy alternatives. I really get upset seeing polar bears drowning and people having to leave their island homes. Tell me what you think about this White House release.
  4. All I know is that your spamming many web boards with the same message It would be better if you were honest with your approach.
  5. Hey Luke, I like the maps. Are they really planning to put a strip bar next to a church? That is like putting the devil next to God. That would never happen in New York.
  6. I think Al Gore is sexy. He was one of the few brave political souls who dared challenge George W. Bush over his plans to invade Iraq and unlimited power to imprison American men and women. "Instead of keeping after al-Qaeda and stabilizing Afghanistan, Bush had chosen to start a new war against Iraq as the first example of his policy of preemption," Gore said. “He is telling us that our most urgent task right now is to shift our focus and concentrate on immediately launching a new war against Saddam Hussein,” Gore said. “And the President is proclaiming a new uniquely American right to preemptively attack whomsoever he may deem represents a potential future threat.” Gore also objected to the timing of the vote on war with Iraq. “President Bush is demanding, in this high political season, that Congress speedily affirm that he has the necessary authority to proceed immediately against Iraq and, for that matter, under the language of his resolution, against any other nation in the region regardless of subsequent developments or emerging circumstances,” Gore said. I am no green person, but his movie made me think.
  7. I find it a bit odd that she and her son would both die within months of each other. If the cororner says it was from heart failure this story will fly for months. I bet that Stern creep offed her. News Reports are also surfacing that Anna Nicole suffered a high fever last night. She had been at the hotel since Monday.
  8. I have not lived in the District that long, but I don't understand why you would not want to give people a right to vote.
  9. Does Setrak perform in Washington DC?
  10. It really peevs me to see a person come prancing out of a car that I know does not need to be in a handicap parking space.
  11. Ready for a daytime, outdoor show? Of course you are! Saturday, September 16th brings us to the streets of Washington, DC for DC101's NO COVER COVER PARTY! "No Cover" means its FREE! Three bands: JUNKFOOD, EVERYONE BUT PETE (soon to be our new drinking buddies), and a Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band called FUNK MONKS who are coming all the way from Chicago to play for you. DC101 is closing the street in front of Irish Times and The Dubliner (14 F Street NW) and throwing a party, sponsored by Guinness! WE LOVE GUINNESS! Of course DC101 will have all sorts of cool stuff going on during the day, so join us at 12 noon in DC! EBP plays at 2 and we go on around 3:30. See you then! http://www.dc101.com/pages/nocoverparty06.html for more info.
  12. What does that have to do with Luke
  13. I have not posted in awhile, but I could not take it anymore. I am sick and tired of seeing all the media networks constantly posting Mel Gibson's stupid antics as a top news story. Today's news producers do not understand what journalism really is. Last Summer we had Tom Cruise. The Summer before that we had Michael Jackson. None of these people matter to the welfare of Americans. Mel Gibson is just an actor with no depth of knowledge, yet the media keeps playing his story over and over. I am truly sick of hearing about it.
  14. The question is whether or not you can really answer them.
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