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Carolyn C. Steptoe - Ward 5 City Council

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I asked Carolyn Steptoe what what separates her from the other candidates?

What will be her major focus to improve Ward 5? Here is Carolyn Steptoe's response:


Without having the opportunity to study their platforms, I would be rather presumptuous to attempt at this time to state what separates me from the other sixteen candidates for the Ward 5 council seat. I feel much more comfortable stating that for which I stand. I believe that there are critical needs of Ward 5 and the city at large that have for far too long gone unmet. Run-away development, the deplorable conditions of our public schools, the current aids epidemic striking 1 in 20 of our residents, homelessness, crime, unemployment and underemployment are but a few of the critical issues that the current crop of politicians seems unable or unwilling to address in any meaningful way. Let me just address the development issue briefly because it has profound ripple effects that impact some of the other issues I have enumerated.


I believe that urban development or revitalization must be undertaken in a manner that is responsive to the needs of the residents of Ward 5 and indeed the city as a whole. If elected, I shall work to ensure that the benefits of development touted by politicians, developers and other vested interests translate into a better quality of life for all Ward 5 residents and not just a privileged few. I am especially committed to ensuring that historically underserved communities and residents share equitably in our city's prosperity. Having reviewed numerous think tank and policy studies, I have an appreciation of the negative byproducts of unfettered development. I believe that it is not only possible, but a moral imperative, to foster responsible development that will increase the tax, improve the quality of life in our community, and bring sorely needed jobs without displacing or marginalizing any residents or subjecting them to disparate city services.


I hope this provides insight about my candidacy. I have taken the liberty of including your question and my response in my next Campaign Release #4. This Release will include various questions I received from Ward 5 residents.

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1 in 50 I think is the correct number. This type of epidemic must be brought under control, and aids

Does not care which political party you belong to, or whether you are hetero sexual or gay.


Hopefully both political parties can put there differences aside on this ALL TO IMPORTANT ISSUE, and

Work together to try to resolve it.


The behaviors from both the hetero sexual community and the gay community MUST change.




I asked Carolyn Steptoe what what separates her from the other candidates?

What will be her major focus to improve Ward 5? Here is Carolyn Steptoe's response:

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The HIV/AIDS rate in the USA is higher where you have larger concentrations of LGBT people.





The rough guess is that 1 in 20 people in DC have HIV, and 1 in 50 have AIDS.


However, the 1 in 20 is just an extropolation because we don't have reliable HIV epidemiological data. Hopefully, some changes in the regs, and the farming out the epidemiology study to GWU will help correct this problem.


One of the main problems with the spread of HIV is that approximately 25% of people with HIV don't know it and only find out when they get an opportunistic infection. DC has started a program to make HIV testing part of routine health care.



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