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Where is my arch enemy Bfrankdc?


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B. Frank you pop up everywhere on different list servers and groups. It is you who has way too much time on your hands to be online most of the day.



Actaully, Frank is my last name, not my first, so that would be Mr. Frank to you, Mr. Rees.


If I am an arch enemy, then you have way too much time on your hands.


Good luck to you.


B. Frank

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How do you figure? I post here and have posted at DCist.com. Where else have I posted?


B. Frank


Don't bother, B. Obviously Cumes, MissGloverPark etc etc are, shall we say, two sides of the same coin (or two of the hydra's heads). Take the high road. Or at least the road that's not going to set off the crazyness.


Unfortunately, intelligence and forthrightness are no match for mental illness, mean-spiritedness and a complete lack of ethics. I feel ya man...I wish it were possible to stop this guy from pulling the wool over everyone's eyes (not that I think anyone's falling for it.) But maybe you'll derive some satisfaction from knowing that at least one other person knows as well as you do what this dude's been up to.


And now....I fully expect to be accused of being you, and/or Brooks, Belcher, some female lawyer or the fictional woman who was playing a prank or whoever is JR's bete noir du jour. Whatever, man, whatever

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