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  1. WINNING A CAMPAIGN WITHOUT DEBATING Debates will not win you an election and are a waste of a candidate’s time. In DC, we have roughly 100,000 voters who actually get out and vote but I have never seen more than 300 voters attend any of our mayoral debates to date. This means that about 99,700 voters never hear what the candidates have to say and aren’t losing any sleep over it. As a matter of fact, more and more voters ignore debates, ignore campaigns and are making their choices based upon a first impression of what a candidate offers and nothing less. Voters have become so turned off to the political process that the majority are ignoring the opinions and endorsements of the local media, blogs, radio stations and so on and see them as being biased based upon party affiliations, friendships and anything other than the true merits of the candidates. So what are voters looking for? Less politics and politicians in their face! As the notable singer STING said in one of his famous songs, “All politicians seem like game show hosts to me”. As sad as that sounds voters are turning down the political volume and politicians running for office quietly accept that. It is the modern day, savvy politician who has come to accept the fact that the days of town hall debates just aren’t cutting any mustard and have begun looking for alternative ways to excite voters and get their vote. Can you win a local political race and never debate your opponent(s)? Most of the modern day political spin doctors say yes and more people are winning than ever without ever having to debate. Who seeks the old fashion town hall debate? Candidates who have weak campaigns are the first to press for a debate. What is the right formula? The voters aren’t telling but debates are no longer a realistic part of the equation. Jonathan R. Rees Candidate for Ward 3 DC City Council
  2. MissGloverPark


    Come tomorrow to: Metropolitan Police Department Latino Liaison Unit 1800 Columbia Road, NW Washington, DC 20009 and you will be told how you can be operating from anything but a dial up and make others think someone is. Wow that is the beauty of using proxies Bozo! What are you afraid of? You failed to show last week but I suspect that you are too scared to ever walk through those doors..
  3. ________________________________________ From: JRMagana@aol.com [mailto:JRMagana@aol.com] Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 6:55 PM To: jrrees@peoplepc.com Subject: Re: En Espanol Here is the campaign flyer in a neutral Spanish version. If any of these people still want to believe that you have been impersonating my person, I believe that I invited them last week to come to my office here at the LLU, nobody showed nor called. These people are good at accusing people of things behind phony screen names and they do that because they know that what they are saying are outright lies because a real person who has something truthful to offer does not hide behind a phony name. The person behind the phony scream names is your opponent Sam Brooks and those in concert with him. Again, I would invite anyone who accuses you of impersonating me to come to my office at 1800 Columbia Rd after 2 pm and I will be happy to inform them you have not but I would request that they come with proper ID and also proof of what screen name they are using and IP provider. My door is open to any non-believer. Metropolitan Police Department Latino Liaison Unit 1800 Columbia Road, NW Washington, DC 20009
  4. Since none of these IP addresses you speak of were ever posted for public viewing maybe you need to explain to all how you came to know of this or is correct to assume that you and Luke Wilbur are working hand in hand in this sham? You go first as nobody else ever saw any IP address posted on what you allege so explain how only you did or have that knowledge. Ooops did you slip?
  5. WOW...it took you 8 long hours to manufacture a really bad lie. Did you jerks see me sign in? Did you log in my IP address? I wonder what lie you will now toss out to defend your lies. It is so nice to be able to come here and pretend to be anybody and nobody can be sure. What I like most is, your jerk are so wrong and can be proven to be wrong but have your fun.
  6. MissGloverPark

    Unless You Can Prove Beyond Doubt, You Are A Liar

    Let us see if you post from the same in the future as you did not in the past.
  7. MissGloverPark

    Bfrankdc & Anonymous Proxies

  8. This is the IP addresses Bfrankdc and truthseeker have posted from: Truthseeker Bfrankdc See, it is from the same! Unless you can prove beyond any doubt you are not the same then nobody should believe you and even a novice can see you two are using the same computer or are on the same network. SHUT UP YOU LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Truthseeker you are a liar. If you have a proxy program, you can log in as man times as you want under different screen names, jump back and forth and that proves nothing. Didn't Sam Brooks in a story he did for the Washington Post about his computer business tell all how easy it was to post things and hide behind proxies? Damn Sam, you are doing here what you said in the papers was so easy to do. You are not fooling me or most even if we are not computer whiz kids like you. But explain how you and your other aliases have come in and posted under the same IP proxy? I have a program that penetrates to see the IP address of posters and it works here in DC Message Board as I see all IP addresses and have for a while and that is why I can call you a liar!
  10. These are the different IP Addresses that Bfrankdc has posted under today. This means, that Bfrankdc is using a Proxy to conceal his or her IP Address each time posting. Bfrankdc, the jig is up....................................... Also, Truthseeker and Factchecker have posted under these same three IP Addresses. What does that say people?
  11. If everybody who pays attention to the monitor of who is online and reading these posts, you will notice that Bfrankdc, Truthseeker, Factchecker2 and another are never online at the same time but they take turns clocking in and out, post attacks on Rees and then leave. This says that they are one in the same. Unless you pay attention to these tidbits, they will have all of you fooled. I still allege that all of them are SAM BROOKS and nobody else despite their denial as Brooks pulled this online smear campaign against Harold Brazil and Kwame Brown back in 2004 and he is up to his old tricks.
  12. Both Mr. Rees and Mr. Sherwood are correct. What transpired was that (the news anchor said) the following: As it concerns the DC City Council: 1. Some council members will not be running again in 2006; 2. Some will be running for other positions; 3. The ward 3 race is heating up with about five candidates; and 4. Yesterday Tom Sherwood caught up with ward 3 council member Kathy Patterson who is running for the chair and talked to her about the heated ward 3 race, taxes and our schools. Then they broke away to the interview clip between Sherwood and Patterson where the issue discussed was only the tax issue as it concerns our schools and not the ward 3 race. This is what transpired. Thus Mr. Rees was not misinformed because that newscast did state what was said but maybe he should have been told who said it and in what order. I think earlier it was already proven that the Mr. Rees people speak of in that Superior Court case was not our candidate Rees but another Jonathan Rees who is actually two years younger. Nice try **smile** but intelligent people are not buying and I think Ferguson Evans who I know well and has worked for poor Hispanics assures others wrong Mr. Rees!!!!!! In one of the Yahoo group rooms this week, Rees responded to one of the phony Yahoo profiles that others erected to insult him. Rees descbribed to others what happened to him when he began becoming active in suppporting gay rights and same sex marriages. This is what he wrote: When I started being active in supporting gay rights years ago, I started receiving hateful emails from people calling me a FAG LOVER, FUDGE PACKER, SWORD SWOLLOWER and you name it. The hateful email came often and the net result was > http://profiles.yahoo.com/jrrees_1955. This profile attacking me funny as it sounds was erected by a so called born-again-Christian who never stopped letting up that my support for gay rights along with others was destroying the moral fiber of America. Thank you BFRANCK IS A LIAR IN MY BOOK AS A WHILE BACK HE SAID WAS A MAN AND THEN RECENTLY HE SAID HE WAS A WOMAN...People should not ignore the changing personality. Whether it is Bfrank, Truthseeker or Factchecker; They are one in the same of you follow the writing style and the fact they overlap each other on what they post and are never online at the same time if you follow here who is online reading.
  13. Tom, I too was watching your News this morning around 5:45 A.M., when NBC4 did in fact have Kathy Patterson on where she spoke of the need for more taxes and the ward race. It was a brief clip maybe no more than a minute at best. Also the local ABC station more or less ran a similary clip with Patterson speaking a bit more to justify the need for more taxes for our schools. Respectfully please go back and check as many in my office saw the same on NBC4....
  14. Scroll down until you read the brief article about Brooks Shallow gay dc voters demand cute mayoral candidates Sadly enough while Brooks has courted the GLBT votes in DC, the vast majority rejected him and in 2004 voted for Kwame Brown who was not known to be an advocate for GLBT causes. Why...Would you vote for a man with a work history of less than 1 year in his life?
  15. Sam Brooks, as big as your ego is, when you have lost the primary election to one of your four rivals, you and all your 50 aliases: E.G. Truthseeker; JT Frank, Frank B, Bfrankdc, Joe Kerr, Joe Deluth, District Information and all the others can seek some comfort immediately instead of going into a state of denial or blame it on the alleged smear campaign you created and tried to blame on others. Just go here Sam and you'll feel better > Relief For Brooks & His 50 Schizophrenic Aliases ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------