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Hi, my name is Janice Smith and I’m from US.

Recently I have heard that gerovital extract creams are very good. Some of my friends use this stuff and looks very younger.

The gerovital extract from these products help skin to regenerate and look youth. That’s way all my friends use this creams.

I begin to use this body and face creams for only two months and I can't believe what effects this products haves.

I look younger, just like a school girl and I feel like one. My husband is very pleased by me and I have never been so happy in my life. What can I say, this creams are making wonderers.

I’ m looking forward to meet other women who use any of this products to change some impressions.

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Havent used this but are you referring to aloe vera by any chance.

Aloe-vera is good and its natural juice when applied to the body has shown good effects on the skin as well as when you drink it it is supposed to cure people of its ailments. No wonder its called the "miracle plant".

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I have known that CoCo De-Mer is very precious and perform miracles for skin to make it glow, radiant and younger looking. Chinese TianShan Snow Lotus flower and Tibetan Saffron (red flower) can also improve skin health and give good complexion. All these can be found in June Lab skin care products, body care products, and hair care products which will be exhibited in World Expo 2010.



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