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    Beauty Skin

    I have known that CoCo De-Mer is very precious and perform miracles for skin to make it glow, radiant and younger looking. Chinese TianShan Snow Lotus flower and Tibetan Saffron (red flower) can also improve skin health and give good complexion. All these can be found in June Lab skin care products, body care products, and hair care products which will be exhibited in World Expo 2010. Ophelia
  2. Not all sunscreen is made equal. We need to protect from both UVA and UVB. At lead spf 15 is required and reapply every two hours in outdoor environment. Most sun damage happen before age 18. Watch out for your kids. Ophelia Zhao Spa Director Hummingbird Skin care Spa 2440 M Street, NW, Suite 505 Washington, DC 20037 202-785-4228 www.hummingbirdspa.com
  3. spa2440

    Best Colorist/stylist

    You may find good ones in downtown or Georgetown salons. Red Doors are better known for their spa services. The professionals get 30% commission which is less than what most top-notch stylists earn. So they may not keep best ones for long unless they are partial owners. Toka in Georgetown usually is good. There are always some good looking Italian guys in watergate. Evolve on M St. is new and they are the artists. The salon by Park Hyatt (1201 24th St.) does good hair cut for some high powered clients who need to look their best on the hill.
  4. spa2440

    Gift Ideas

    As percentage of the population use the spa/salon services increase, spa gifts are becoming popular. Spas and salons sell gift certificates to both men and women. It could be in dollar amount or for particular treatments or products, like massage or facial, skin care products for face or body. Usually, someone at the spa can help the customer decide what to get. After all, who does not like to look good (facials) or feel good (massages)? Hummingbird http://www.hummingbirdspa.com
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