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  1. No matter whatever product you try to help you quit smoking the will power should come from within or else nothing will work.. Only self determination and discipline will see you through this. Read how harmful smoking can be http://www.medicow.com/topics/Smoking
  2. Hi joe, Glad to meet you.. You know what, my son is learning disabled too and he is 9 years old. Im glad you got your fillings done and hope alls well with you.. I too had composite filling in my teeth done sometime back and its fine too. Do keep writing in always..Hope to see you around more often.
  3. Hi, Havent used this but are you referring to aloe vera by any chance. Aloe-vera is good and its natural juice when applied to the body has shown good effects on the skin as well as when you drink it it is supposed to cure people of its ailments. No wonder its called the "miracle plant".
  4. hi, I feel all these weight loss pills and drugs are an eye-wash. They are not effective and on the contrary damage our body and its systems.. One should try and stay away from all these artificial weight loss methods and and do a little bit of exercise for a change .. This does mean a great deal of physical exericse and totally cutting down on junk food, oily stuff and snacks.. Start taking healthy stuff such as soups, salads and fruits and juices which are good for the body and skin too. If you are really interested , then read this for some great info http://www.medicow.com/topics/Weight-loss
  5. hi, There are many reasons to a migraine attack . Apart from stress its also sinus which leads to migraine and yes, hormonal changes in the body also takes care of this. Usually, this happens on one side of the head and nowadays there are many medications to control this such as Motrin and Advil which are specific drugs for migraine. These cure them completely.. please do not neglect any symptom and try and get immediate help if needed. You can read more on migraine and its medications here http://www.medicow.com/topics/Migraine
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