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Migraine Attacks

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hi all,


I suffer from this dreadful headache and the symptoms get worse every time i get the next attack. The intensity of throbbing and pain increases and I just hate the sound and noise around me.. Would prefer to stay in the dark and lonely confines of my room.Often I get nausea too which is coupled with vomitting and a distaste for food too. I have taken vasograine but it is absolutely of no help at all.

Is it true that there is no cure for migraine and that it can only be prevented ? Why are women more prone to this... Is it because of the hormonal changes which take place and the stress and burden of daily life which triggers this ..

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There are many reasons to a migraine attack . Apart from stress its also sinus which leads to migraine and yes, hormonal changes in the body also takes care of this.


Usually, this happens on one side of the head and nowadays there are many medications to control this such as Motrin and Advil which are specific drugs for migraine. These cure them completely.. please do not neglect any symptom and try and get immediate help if needed.


You can read more on migraine and its medications here http://www.medicow.com/topics/Migraine

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