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It is April 9th, and I have just taken my letter out of the mailbox. This is why I love the internet, if you can't find it here it's probably a scam. Thank you all so much for this site, because this is the only place I found any mention of this CCA.

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Guest Isai Barajas

i have recieved this card also, un luckily i tried to talk to a representative and no one responded so i followed ther directiuon but never gave a bank account or anything...... hopefully ill be able to cancle this scam as soon as possible.... this is BS who could have got my info.

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:lol::D I just read all of these and by the way THANKS TO ALL THAT POSTED. This Would have hurt me because i was going to do it at first. So i called 1-800-277-7056 and put in the wrong # on my card 5 times.. Then i selected the option that I do not have the Accepentece # and it asked me if i want another mailed to me I said yes and they said I will get it in the mail in like 5 to 7 days. THEY NEVER ONCE ASKED ME FOR MY ADDRESS. So lets see if I do get the paper in the mail :lol::D

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Guest steve mckoy

Again i found that the industry is not approving all the applicants link before . selectcreditcard.com : According to the most popular still include the disney chase credit card. http://www.selectcreditcard.com

The thing is thier are many cards to choose from and they are tightening up on all new apps.

I think the credit card industry might be getting better soon.

Store credit cards are easy to find.

Bad credit no problem!!

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I got one of these too.


Federal law does prohibit the mailing of unsolicited credit cards, but as Jim has noted, this isn't really a credit card. It's really just an advance-payment card for purchases a consumer might or might not make from the company's catalog.



This "company" uses a robo-dialer to entice people to call them by telling them it is regarding "a time-sensitive matter." They NEVER put anything in writing or contact you via the mail. They con you out of your SSN, bank acct. info and other private information, then they give you a "credit card", telling you it has an $8,000.00 line of credit on it. What they don't tell you is the card is only good for merchandise in their own catalog. They WILL auto-draft funds from your bank account without your consent. They will steal $99.99 for a "start-up fee", $99.99 for "insurance" and $99.99 for some other service that doesn't exist either. File a complaint with your State's Attorney General's office. They violate the No-Call list law and the laws forbidding robo-dialing. They WILL be prosecuted by your State and you may receive a substantial amount of money when they are successfully prosecuted and fined.

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Guest Carole

I was just wondering if you guys get a phone call to call back with a 1-88 number if yes please let me know my husband just bought a pc and for the first time a company call cca called today for him and no one calles for my husband ..and the message said to call back was very imprtant ..

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