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2.25: Krunk Dc Re-launch F/ Tittsworth B-day * * *


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- NEW NIGHT! (Fridays)

- NEW VENUE (Singapore Bistro)



... it is with utmost pleasure and and excitement that I proudly present the long awaited return of everybody's favorite hip-hop and club weekly, KRUNK! STILL rockin' the VERY BEST in hip-hop, funk/soul, rnb, international and BOOTY B-MORE CLUB. Now with THREE FLOORS OF SOUND!


The OFFICIAL opening night will be TITTSWORTH'S BIRTHDAY, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25th. After that, we will take one week off out of respect for the current promoters on Friday but then launch back into our WEEKLY FORMAT each and every FRIDAY. To sum up, show up Friday, Feb 25th, take a week to recover, then GET KRUNK on MARCH 11th and EACH AND EVERY FRIDAY AFTER THAT.


FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25th, 2005:




Performing opening night:


-CAM ONE (hip-hop, like it used to be)

-DAVE NADA (soul, salsa, dirty souf)

-OPTIMST RHYMZ (<3's mics and Michael Jackson)

-TITTSWORTH (booty booty club and more)



Singapore Bistro...

boasting PROPER SOUND (Mackie cabs and subs for DAYS), a third of a mile walk or cheap cab ride from FARRAGUT NORTH METRO, three levels of excitement and the relaxed Krunk created vibe that SoBe once provided.


18+ (I fought for this, yall best behave!!!)

21+ to drink w/ proper ID.

$5 cover w/ drink specials


Singapore Bistro

1134 19th St NW DC

Directions including metro: http://tittsworth.com/dir


Questions? Comments? Feedback? Check:




FRONT: http://tittsworth.com/images/2005/sb.jpg

BACK : http://tittsworth.com/images/2005/sb2.jpg

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What does Krunk mean?

This is what I found on Urban Dictionary


1. krunk

A swear word first used in 1994 on the late night talk show LATE NITE WITH CONAN O'BRIEN/NBC/1993+ According to its creator, Conan O'Brien, Krunk was "America's newest swear word...so new that the networks don't know whether to censor it or not!"

Phrases like "What the krunk do you want" and "It's none of your krunking business!" were exchanged by both guests and host of the show.

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Thanks to EVERYONE who made the krunk RELAUNCH so LIVE!!


Out of respect pho the previous promoters, Krunk will be taking a ONE TIME OFF WEEK on FRIDAY, MARCH 4th. Feel free to show, but it's a goth night, so don't be alarmed. Krunk returns MARCH 11th with STYLUS, DAVE NADA and TITTSWORTH and will resume EACH AND EVERY FRIDAY THEREAFTER.


Now, onto the pics... what a night! Thanks to everyone who got the party started off RIGHT! What a diverse, upbeat, party-oriented and dance crazed crowd! A thousand thanks to everyone who helped us live up to our name and reputation See you on the 11th










* * * click HERE for the rest of the PICS* * *

* * * click HERE for the rest of the PICS* * *

* * * click HERE for the rest of the PICS* * *

* * * click HERE for the rest of the PICS* * *


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