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  1. The Modern residency is well on its way, with 2 weeks of sweaty dance floors and reactive crowds! The format has generally been 11-12ish, b-boy friendly beats, 90's hip-hop, golden era and classics... I see yall breakin' it down out there!! From 12ish to close (2am) we're steam-rollin cats w/ only the best in hip-hop, fresh party rockers and oven baked BANGERS. Who woulda thought Georgetown would have even got down to some B-more CLUB last week??!! HOT HOT HOT. Hope you'll make it out tonight for my set (11 - close). Get yo cheesesteak on a block down afterwards!! Remember, tonight it's ladies free before midnight, fellaz only 5 and weekly drink specials for all. Candle lit vibe, private couch areas and a wooden dance floor w/ proper sound.. don't sleep! Modern = 3287 M Street NW HEADS UP: I will be AWAY from Modern on the 18th and 25th of this month due to out of state gigs. I will be returning on June 1st (at Modern), playing Philly that Friday (Paperstreet) and Herdon the following Saturday (Wings involved). Starting the 18th: Titts/Jinxx in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Houston, Austin and more! Check tittsworth.com or myspace.com/titts for the full details if you're around the way AND for new remixes including Gnarl's Barkley's CRAZY... Peace, Titts
  2. Celebrate your Cinco de Mayo w/ a mix bag of the best hip-hop from Titts. Come to Panache ('round the corner from Club 5) and pop yo collar to bottles of liquor starting at only $100!! 10:30 to close, dance yo ass off to 80's, 90's, party classics, hiphop, hyphy and much more. Fellas gotta have a colla of some sort (polo, button down, whatever). No sweats, shorts or boots. Guestlist on http://www.alloutparty.com List closes @ 11:30, $10 cover otherwise Drink specials all night 1725 Desales St. NW Washington, DC 20036 MAP: http://Use Full URL address/etufz TOMORROW / SATURDAY Titts @ Wonderland! Last time we had bammas dancing on the bar and tables, even grindin each other workin the walls. DO NOT MISS IT! FREE!! TITTS 10-2: http://www.thewonderlandballroom.com EZ! TITTS
  3. TONIGHT + each and every THURSDAY... Come to Modern in the heart of Georgetown! Relaxed candle-lit atmosphere, friendly dance floors and Titts rockin the 1's and 2's. Last week freaks 'til lights up-- can't wait for tonight!! Ladies free before midnight and fellas only $5! 10:30 to 11:30ish: expect the very best in old school hip-hop, classics, party rockers, b-boy classics and more! 11:30ish to close (2): only oven baked fresher than fresh hot hot heat hip-hop Don't sleep!! 3287 M Street, in the heart of Georgetown. <img src="http://myspace-327.vo.llnwd.net/00693/72/37/693297327_l.jpg">
  4. SIKE. I'm just gettin' started doggesses! "TITTSWORTH VOLUME 2" will feature 8 new and exclusive Baltimore Club tunes, ranging from dance floor smashing remixes of bangers like Three 6 Mafia's "Stay Fly," Missy Elliot's "On and On" and David Banner's "Play." Also included is a hard hitting and sinfully catchy Jefferson’s rework (FISH DON'T FRY IN THE KITCHEN!), an expertly percussive go-go infused tribute to the Godfather (GO-GO SWANG, DC THANG!), a uniquely chopped and rearranged version of the Geto Boys classic "Mind Playing Tricks On me," and some driving 808 adult unmentionables! For a final touch of class, the EP includes a soulful club tribute to late greats ODB and Barry White. The pairing seems almost illogical, yet "Dirty White" perfectly conjoins two of the unlikeliest for a devastatingly ladies-friendly late night stormer. The highly anticipated and timely follow-up EP by TITTSWORTH has been sent off to the pressing plant and should be available late 2005 to early 2006. See the below for a promotional mix and all 8 songs from the new record. The debut Tittsworth EP had most of its first pressing spoken for w/in its first two months. Tittsworth Vol. 2 is said to feature production, mastering and arrangements that far supersede its predecessor. Make sure to reserve your copy now!! Promotional mix of quick snippets from the new record: http://tittsworth.com/audio/vol2/tittswort...vol2_teaser.mp3 The 8 tracks in their entirety (low bit rate): http://tittsworth.com/audio/vol2/ Copies will be made available at Turntablelab.com, DJ Hut, Dimensions, Armand's, Tittsworth.com and more! Please e-mail jessetittsworth@hotmail.com to join the newsletter to stay up to date with this and future releases! Jesse Tittsworth http://www.tittsworth.com
  5. "The second wave of [b-more club] superstars includes DJ K-Swift, Spank Rock and turntable partners Dave Nada and DJ Tittsworth, who bring their live Baltimore PA system to Silk City Saturday night. Tittsworth and Dave Nada are part of a new generation of Baltimore house DJs and producers. Three years ago they didn't have a national audience and were probably selling tapes out of the trunk of their car. What can attendees expect at the Nada/Tittsworth soiree? A lot of sweating, fist pumping and curse words. A lot of curse words. " -Philadelphia Weekly, http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com/view.php?id=10874 THIS SATURDAY: * * * DJ Tittsworth, Dave Nada + Ron Morelli Sat. Nov. 5, 10pm. $5. With Plastic Little. Silk City, Fifth and Spring Garden sts. 215.592.8838. www.silkcitylounge.com MERCH.: * * * - Only a few copies of the Tittsworth 12" EP left! 7 songs including Eastern Motors, Sardines and more! - IPODER's: Tittsworth Flash Fried Mix CD f/ exclusive Tittsworth original club tunes and B-more mega mix. - Keep your eyes out for the next Titts CD EP featuring: Stay Fly, Missy's On&On, David Banner and more! ALL MERCH available for purchase @ our gigs & online at www.tittsworth.com THE AFTER PARTY, SUNDAY: * * * Our good friends will be performing the next day on the rock, electronic and dance tip. Costas, Alex Hedstrom and Lucas Carscadden involved, in addition to Dave Nada on guitar and our cross-dressing electro-inspired friend, Miss Edie. Quality entertainment guaranteed. Sample audio including originals and M.I.A. remixes @ http://www.astudyinher.com/. Pick up the new CD ASAP! A Study In Her @ Velvet Lounge w/ Edie Sedgwick, AV Club, Bison $6, 8:30pm Sunday Nov. 6th @ www.velvetloungedc.com BORED @ WORK? * * * - Check www.tittsworth.com for pics from a mullicious Halloween, our Sweat NYC gig, Titts/Nada @ Sonar's Taxlo dance party and more! - Your IPOD on strike? Cop the DJ Ragz JazzHop Mix: http://box.net/public/djragz/files/689350.html & Bobby Jae's newest soulful dnb mix: http://www.upfrontdc.com/bobbyjae/upfrontdnb.mp3 PEACE, TITTS
  6. Get wit it yall.. I'm ITCHIN for this one!! I spent HOURS last night hand picking the very best records, 45's and burning only the hottest digital audio for tonight WONDERLAND KRUNK-TITTS JUMP-OFF... 80's, old school, hip-hop, newjack swing, disco, go-go, club, booty house, you name it and WILL sweat to some form of it tonight. Expect a very Krunk set in a familiar, dance friendly and fun environment!! Gettin' a good RSVP for this one! Show up early (jumps off at 10pm) and get yo groove on until 2:30 for FREE!! If you decide to get yo pregame happy hour on: (5:00 - 8:00 pm) $1 footlong hotdogs $2 Double Diamond ales $3 rail drinks $6 Delirium Tremens ("elected as best beer in the world") Meet you by the bar!!! Directions at: http://www.thewonderlandballroom.com/main.htm
  7. I hope that you will join me this Friday for a very special one time Krunk set @ Wonderland!! I've heard nothing but great things about this space, from the dance friendly crowd, diverse musical tastes and it’s FREE!! Feel good Krunk style jams and club music from 10 to 2:30am. That's THIS Friday, October 7th: TITTS @ Wonderland. FREE!! FREE!! FREE!! 11th and Kenyon NW, Columbia Heights DC If your hangover is not too severe the following day... check out TITTS + ARSE Saturday AFTERNOON (1:30-3pm) @ the B-MORE MUSIC CONFERENCE. Saturday, October 8th: Ostend/Russel Park Arena (www.BMCon.org). The best in DNB, the newest Cabal joints and some Titts style perversion seamlessly snuck somewhere in between! There are bands, over a dozen DJ's, a graffiti wall and urrythang. .. Don't miss this one!! later that night... WATCH OUT FOR THE BIG GIRL.... Do not sleep on THE exclusive warehouse party featuring Club Queen K-Swift (of 92Q Jams)!! THE B-MORE CLUB jump-off @ the H&H Building will feature the TITTS and DAVE NADA B-MORE CLUB LIVE PA! A sampler, delay pedal, a CDJ and a whole lotta bass! DO NOT MISS THE B-MORE DEBUT!! Stay late and dance yourself wet (BYOB) to *THE* definitive name in club music on the FM dial... K-Swift!! Saturday, October 8th. H&H bldg, Baltimore (TITTS/DAVE: 11-mid). The last couple joints have been off the tendon!! PS- will somebody please invent a balmer spellcheck? thanks hun. -Titts
  8. the tittsworth club EP is almost gone! a distro is about to pick up the rest of our first pressing so if you want your copy of the EASTERN MOTOR's REMIX, the SARDINES REMIX, STILL TIPPIN', SOME CUT, MILLI VANILLI, etc., holla at www.tittsworth.com and order it A.S.A.P. Joints went very fast and a 2nd pressing has not been officially decided upon! this could be your last opportunity!!
  9. now available at www.turntablelab.com. - go to http://www.turntablelab.com - click enter store - on top banner, under MUSIC+CLOTHES+BOOKS select "daily arrivals" - ctrl+F for TITTS or scroll about half way down: "Tittsworth MP3s exchanged via email are like found gold, making their way onto playlists everywhere. After some coaxing, he's decided to press them on vinyl, and damn he blew it out with this one. He's packed this with 7 tracks, Baltimore EP style; and all of them are good. You get Bmore versions of "Still Tippin, Some Cut, When The Last Time," and "Sardines." Plus you get the much in demand Milli Vanilli track (wait for the breakdown) and the Eastern Motors track (Maryland heads will understand). Keep it coming Tittsworth!!! Recommended.
  10. now available at armand's in philly (where you can cop a platinum jesus piece, a pioneer 600 and the new titts ep).
  11. * * * ALSO, PLEASE JOIN US FOR THE RECORD RELEASE PARTY IN NYC, THIS FRIDAY !!! * * * --FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 9TH-- Bill Spector & Oxy Cottontail present... EASTSIDE **inappropriate material** featuring... THE OFFICIAL TITTSWORTH 12" RECORD RELEASE PARTY!! TITTSWORTH & DAVE NADA @ 217 Bowery (@ Rivington) 10-4 / $5 featuring ***LIVE B-MORE CLUB PA*** BY TITTS + NADA: “Not only will we be runnin thru wax at a plate-a-minute's pace but we'll PERFORM LIVE to create and remix that gritty, perverted lo-fi club music, ON THE FLY, in front of your sweat & beer stained eyes! No fancy quantizing, no midi cables, just a $200 sampler, a delay pedal and FOOOOOCUS!” Dudes have been bubbling for a short minute on the Baltimore Club so don’t miss this....and come get a mix tape!!!
  12. The TITTS EP is now available in B-MORE and DC: B-more: Once. Twice:Sound 519 N. Charles Street Baltimore, MD21201 410-244-7373 Dimensions In Music 233 Park Avenue Baltimore Md 21201 Midtown Records 14 1/2 E. Hamilton Street Baltimore, MD 21202 DC: Capitol City Records 1020 U Street NW Washington, DC 20001 Coming soon: Armand's (Philly) Turntable Lab (NY) DJCity.com (LA)
  13. The new Tittsworth Club 12" EP is HERE! Order a copy right now!!! 7 BANGIN' anthems for a mere $10 (shipping and handling included), including... EASTERN MOTORS REMIX, the SARDINES REMIX, MIKE JONES / PAUL WALL REMIX, TRILLVILLE / SOME CUT REMIX, the MILLI VANILLI REMIX and MORE!! This was a limited pressing so make sure you reserve your copy now! Get two copies for tricks and juggling! For audio and paypal links, please visit: For audio and paypal links, please visit: For audio and paypal links, please visit: http://tittsworth.com/titts_ep.htm
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