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Interesting! Isn't it?





A Stratellite is similar to a satellite, but is stationed in the stratosphere rather than in orbit. At an altitude of 10 to 13 miles above the Earth, each Stratellite will have clear line-of-sight communications capability to an entire major metropolitan area as well as being able to provide coverage across major rural areas. Several Stratellites linked together could cover many hundreds of thousands of square miles. The Stratellite will allow subscribers to easily communicate in “both directions” using readily available wireless devices. In addition to voice and data, proposed telecommunications uses include cellular, 3G/4G mobile, MMDS, paging, fixed wireless telephony, HDTV, real-time surveillance and others.



Stratellites throughout South America.


The agreement calls for Sanswire to enter into a Joint-Venture Agreement with Orlando, Florida based Dynamic International Networks, Inc. to build and operate Sanswire's high-altitude airships called Stratellites in various South American countries. The Agreement calls for the first Stratellite to be launched over Lima, Peru to provide various wireless services to the Peruvian capital and surrounding areas.

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The best way to describe one of these ships, "it's shape is that of a whale" Honest.


Wild design,, here is the link " http://www.globetel.net/press/20050127.html "


Answer: The lifting gases expand with altitude and this provides the lift needed. Total helium requirement for initial inflation is around 69,000 cubic feet which will expand to nearly 17 times that volume at cruising altitude.



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Guest Human



July 14, 2005 12:33 PM US Eastern Timezone



Sanswire Networks Signs Agreement to Deploy Stratellites in Colombia


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 14, 2005--GlobeTel Communications Corp. (AMEX:GTE) announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Sanswire Networks, LLC has entered into a Joint Venture Agreement to deploy Stratellites throughout the country of Colombia.


The agreement with Florida-based Apogeo Enterprises Corporation calls for a total of five Stratellites to be launched over the Latin American country to build a wireless broadband network that would be the first of its kind in the world. Apogeo plans to invest a total of fifty million dollars ($50,000,000 USD) into the project. Funding would be based on a construction schedule to be set by Sanswire and would be released to Sanswire pursuant to the terms of the Agreement.


Timothy Huff, CEO of Sanswire parent GlobeTel, stated: "This is a wonderful opportunity for Sanswire. It shows that other parties around the world are as excited about the Stratellites as we are and are willing to step up to the plate in order to bring this state-of-the-art technology to their country."


During a recent trip to Colombia, Michael K. Molen, President of Sanswire's Latin American operations, and Jairo Rivera, Vice President of Business Development for Latin America, received strong support for the project from several high ranking government officials including Colombian President, Alvaro Uribe. Molen stated: "We met with the President at the Palace in Bogota and he was very gracious and told us that he would help us in any way that he could to bring this technology to his country."

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