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Miracles and human incarnation


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Miracles and human incarnation


Miracles are done even by demons and black magicians and therefore cannot be the identifying marks of God. Miracles alone are not sufficient to detect the Lord. Krishna is identified by not miracles but by excellent knowledge of Gita. Krishna lifted the mountain but Ravana also lifted the Kailasa Mountain. You should not test God by demanding miracles and this was told by Jesus to Satan, when Satan asked Him to convert the stone into bread. The saint asks Me to kill him and give him life again as proof. In the history of human incarnations no body asked like this and no human incarnation did like this. If such challenge is thrown, a demon will certainly come forward with a miracle. Lord Krishna killed several evil people but never gave life to them. Due to His plan only, Abhimanyu was killed. When Subhadra asked to give life to him, He refused. But He gave life to Parikshit and brought back the dead son of His Guru. He did miracles in the case of exceptionally deserving devotees only, but not on any challenge. Whenever the devotee deserves and the Lord by Himself wishes, any miracle can take place spontaneously. Sukracharaya knows to give life to a killed person but he is not God. Vatapi and Ilala were demons. Ilala kills Vatapi and serves him as food to the guest. Then Ilala calls Vatapi. Vatapi becomes alive and comes out by tearing the stomach of guest. Does this means that they are God?


The saint told that Krishna only created, maintained and dissolved the Universe, which is an exceptional miracle. But Krishna did not dissolve all this Universe and created it again keeping you separately as a spectator. He only showed the cosmic form as a vision to Arjuna. In the vision He created the Universe, maintained it and finally dissolved it. During this vision the universe is not affected. Even Durroyadhana saw it and discarded it as hypnotic illusion. Arjuna believed the vision for some time. Udanka appreciated the vision forever. Of course, this vision proves that Krishna is God. Since Veda and Brahma sutra also gives this as the super most miracle of identification which is not possible for any body except God. On one Guru Purnima day I was giving a divine discourse and suddenly I stood for five minutes silently in highly excited state. Then I sat again in the chair. I asked two devotees in the crowd to tell what they saw simultaneously. Both of them told that they had the vision of cosmic form (Viswaroopam). Of course, God in Me gave that vision and I have nothing to do with it. If God is not in Me how that vision was given? How I identified only those two devotees? How I said that both of them had the same vision and they should explain it to other devotees? If one person gets the vision it may be illusion. How the same illusion is created to both the devotees simultaneously. The analysis made me also believe that God (Parabrahman) is present in Me. When God is given to the devotees through human body He is called as Datta. Veda also says that the special divine knowledge comes form God only (Satyam Jananam, Prajnanam..). Gita also says the same (Jnanitvatmaiva…..). I gave importance to these aspects in analyzing that God is in Me to give this special knowledge and that special vision. Of course, Duroyodhana discarded even that as hypnotiam. Brahma sutras also tell these two aspects as the identifying marks (Janmadyasya…, Sastrayonitvat).





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