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Found 23 results

  1. How can atheistic evolutionary science clarify creation-related matters in scriptures? Dr. Nikhil asked: In a question answered by You on August 27, 2019, about how Allah created living beings as stated in the Quran, You suggested that the devotee should refer to Darwin’s theory of evolution. But Darwin’s theory of evolution and biology in general, does not include God to explain how life evolved. Darwin’s original theory of evolution, which is based on natural selection, later gave way to the ‘modern evolutionary synthesis’, which unified Darwin’s evolution with the genetics of Gr
  2. Is the experience of the world useful in spiritual knowledge? [Reply to a question by Shri Balaji] Swami replied: The answer to this question is a full yes. For every concept in spiritual knowledge, there is an excellent example in the world. This means that from worldly experience itself, the entire spiritual knowledge can be built up. We have seen that issue-devotion (love for one’s children) is the strongest and that one’s devotion to God stands in competition against it. The final success lies in conquering the love for one’s children with the devotion that one has for God. We realize
  3. Please careful before God Whenever, you pray the Lord, be careful about the meaning of the prayer. You must utter that only, which you can really practice. In the prayer you say that the Lord is every thing for you. You cannot practice this. You cannot prove this as long as the Lord remains formless or in the energetic form or as the statue. But when the Lord comes in the human form and asks you to sacrifice a little for His sake, you will go back. For this inconvenience only you deny the human form. You like the statue or formless aspect of or energetic form of God because they cannot as
  4. The Father & Jesus Jesus is said to be born to only mother without Father. He always praised Father and did not regard His mother so much. When a lady cried that His mother is great, He said that the follower of the instruction of His Father is really great. What is the inner meaning of all this? Does this mean that He disregarded His mother and praised the non-existing Father? No. In His language the Father is God. The mother is the primordial energy. He has gone to the final stage of divine knowledge and realized that God is the root of the root cause. An atheist does not accept Fat
  5. Why I am not declaring Myself as Human Incarnation At the time of departure to Bombay,the devotee asked Swami Why dont you declare yourself clearly that you are the present Human Incarnation? Swami replied Buddha did not speak even about God and therefore, there is no question of the topic of the human incarnation. Therefore, Buddha was safe. Mohammed denied the concept of human incarnation and declared Himself as only the Messenger of God. Any body can be become Messenger and therefore, Mohammed was also safe. Lord Krishna emphasized on the concept of Human Incarnation through out G
  6. dattaswami


    Salvation The liberated soul, who came down in a role to this earth along with the Lord to enjoy this world-drama by direct participation invites both happiness and misery simultaneously like sweet and hot dishes in the meals. Anything bores if it is continuous. Entertainment does not bore even if it is continuous. But entertainment through continuous happiness or continuous misery bores. A picture either with continuous scenes of happiness or with continuous scenes of misery bores and the entertainment also bores. Entertainment should be same as a product but the sources of entertainment
  7. Miracles and human incarnation Miracles are done even by demons and black magicians and therefore cannot be the identifying marks of God. Miracles alone are not sufficient to detect the Lord. Krishna is identified by not miracles but by excellent knowledge of Gita. Krishna lifted the mountain but Ravana also lifted the Kailasa Mountain. You should not test God by demanding miracles and this was told by Jesus to Satan, when Satan asked Him to convert the stone into bread. The saint asks Me to kill him and give him life again as proof. In the history of human incarnations no body asked like
  8. You should know the relevant worship of God Relevant worship in this world means worship of the form of God, which is relevant to this world of humanity. Such a relevant form is only the human form of God(Shri Dattaswami). Irrelevant worship means worship of the irrelevant form of God for this humanity. Worship of energetic forms of God like Vishnu, Shiva etc. is irrelevant for the humanity. Such energetic forms are relevant to the upper worlds in which the souls existing in energetic forms stay. The angels and the departed souls from this world are the energetic bodies containing the
  9. The best worship of God The best worship in this world is the worship of the present alive relevant human form (Shri Dattaswami) directly. The identification of such human incarnation is by Its (Shri Dattaswami’s) wonderful knowledge only. The reason is that the true knowledge alone can lead you to the goal in the spiritual path. Miracles should not be taken as the identification because miracles only mislead you in the wrong direction since you are always tempted to use the miraculous power to solve your selfish problems. Moreover, miracles are exhibited even by demons and evil people
  10. For identifying present human form of God(Shri Dattaswami) what you should do Why you are not able to recognise God in human form (Shri Dattaswami) Rajas is the source of ego, which is the projection of self. Tamas is the source of jealousy, which is the denial of the greatness of others. The ego and jealousy are the covering layers of the two eyes with the help of which only you can see and identify the present human incarnation. Absence of ignorance is Sattvam, which only represents the pure devotion to God in which the self is completely forgotten and the greatness of the human
  11. You are neglecting the very God (Shri Dattaswami) present infront of you in human form Bramhavidya or Bramhajnanam means only the identification of the alive human form of God(Shri Dattaswami) present before your eyes. The whole difficulty in this identification lies in the point that the alive human incarnation (Shri Dattaswami) is just before your eyes, talking and moving with you like your friend. You are searching for the Kohinoor diamond everywhere but it is just present on your table acting as a paper weight! You are neglecting the paper weight and searching for the diamond everywhe
  12. Yajna shall be done to God in human form present infront of you Food shall be given first to Divine preacher (God in human form) in Yajna ­THE CORRECT WAY OF PERFORMING YAJNA Types of Yajnas O Learned and Devoted Servants of God, [A Vedic Scholar, who presided over a meeting called as ‘Veda Vidvat Sabha’, stated that the reason for draught and floods is the non-performance of sacrifices in these days in which the ghee is poured in the fire. Swami ridiculed this and gave the following message.] Burning ghee in the fire leads to environmental pollution, which causes
  13. All the scarifices in the yajna should be done to alive god in human form only Serve Bhokta by food liked by him in ceremonies Even in the ceremonies of departed souls, you must satisfy the person eating the food (Bhokta) and serve him with the items liked by him. If he is satisfied, the effect of such satisfaction called as ‘Apoorvam’ or ‘Punyam’ saves the departed souls. You need not force the eater to eat the items liked by the departed soul. It is foolish ignorance since there is no connection between the eater and the departed soul. In the sacrifice performed by the followers
  14. Wrong scientific develpment& atheism leads to distruction of society Evil Effects of Extraordinary Amenities O Learned and Devoted Servants of God, Modern people think that most of the funds must be spent on the development and applications of technical education, which supports the basic needs of materialistic life. Obviously, the Government also is in the same line of the people. These people criticize the ancient Governments, which have spent lot of funds on the useless spiritual education, which do not contribute anything to the material life. The modern people think
  15. O Learned and Devoted Servants of God, In the spiritual path, the aspirant should be in the stage of a householder (Grihastha). Then only, God can test him or her whether the human being can practically sacrifice these three strong bonds (Eeshanatrayam), which are Dhaneshana: Bond with money and wealth Daareshana: Bond with wife or husband Putreshana: Bond with issues. When the human being is in the atmosphere of these three bonds, then only, the testing can be done by God. For this purpose, you should be a householder and not a saint, who is far from these bonds. You can
  16. UNIVERSAL SPIRITUALITY FOR WORLD PEACE – Shri. Datta Swami O Learned and Devoted Servants of God! Hinduism is a mini representative model of the unity among various religions in the world. There are different philosophies within Hinduism as there are different religions in the world. Unity within Hinduism represents the removal of different walls in the house to make all the rooms united into one big hall. Unity among religions in the world is like uniting all such big halls to make the one biggest hall. In Hinduism, the Advaita philosophy of Shankara stands for the monism of God and
  17. God is Unimaginable O Learned and Devoted Servants of God! The Veda says that God is unimaginable—beyond words, mind, intelligence and even imagination (Yato vacho…, Manasaa saha…, Yobuddheh paratah…, Atarkyah…). If God is thought to be imaginable, then due to the multiplicity in imaginable items, people consider different imaginable items such as light, sun, space etc. to be God, since each person is fascinated by different imaginable items. This leads to different philosophies and religions, resulting in quarrels, disturbance of world peace and sometimes even terrorism. There ca
  18. The Impartial God Incarnates in All Places and Times This one unimaginable God incarnates different countries in different human forms to propagate the same contents of the same syllabus of spiritual knowledge in different languages following the different cultures. In this way, from the beginning of creation, God preached the same syllabus simultaneously in all countries on this earth. Hence, there is no partiality on the part of God, who is the impartial Divine Father of this humanity. But every conservative religion says that their human incarnation alone is God and His message alone is
  19. The Unimaginable Entity is Accepted by Science Scientists need not negate the unimaginable God saying that everything is imaginable or explicable. They refuse miracles, which are unimaginable events indicating the unimaginable God. But the same scientists agree with the concept of infinite space, which has an unimaginable boundary. Hence, the existence of an unimaginable entity is practically agreed upon by science. The unimaginable boundary of space or universe, is itself God. Space or vacuum is not ‘nothing’ since ‘nothing’ never exists. Space is subtle energy and is something that bends
  20. The Soul is Imaginable The Creator or God is unimaginable. The existence of the unimaginable entity is also proved by miracles, which are unimaginable events. The creation is imaginable. It exists in two forms: visible matter and invisible energy. Of course, the invisible energy also becomes visible in a certain range of frequencies. The energy is again present in two forms from the angle of inertness and awareness. The inert energy working in a specific system is transformed into specific inert work-forms like respiration in the system of the lungs, circulation in the system of blood vess
  21. Components of a Human Being and a Human Incarnation of God The human being is a single-phase system in which the two components, matter and energy, are homogenously mixed. When a selected human being is charged by the third component, i.e. the unimaginable God, he becomes a human incarnation of God. The human incarnation is relevant to human beings living on this earth. Human beings after death, gain energetic bodies in the place of their earthly materialized bodies. Then, such a departed human being becomes a single-phase system consisting of two components, i.e. inert energy and the soul
  22. Relevance of Science in Spiritual Knowledge The absolute God is always unimaginable. The human incarnation is the relative God, i.e. unimaginable God existing in an imaginable medium. The relative God should always be identified by the true knowledge preached by Him as per the Veda (Satyam jnaanam…). Science was called as logic (tarka) in ancient times. Science (ancient or modern) is the analysis of the imaginable creation. It cannot help in directly identifying the absolute unimaginable God. But science helps in the identification of the constituents of this imaginable creation, which are
  23. Unifying Philosophies and Religions You may doubt how Shankara said that the soul itself is God (Advaita). On the other hand, Ramanuja (Vishishtha Advaita) and Madva (Dvaita) said that the soul is not God. This contradiction in the three sub-religions of Hinduism[1] can be resolved by one simple point: these three philosophies speak only about the soul in a human incarnation and not about the soul of every ordinary human being. When the selected human being is charged by God (human incarnation), you can treat that human being to be identical with God (Advaita) for all practical purposes an
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