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New Documentary about The Hydrogen House Project

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In 2006, North America's first ever solar-Hydrogen House reached completion in Hopewell, New Jersey. The man behind this incredible feat? Mike Strizki. Never heard of him? Well, that's the problem. The world needs to know his name, his work, and his mission. I'm here to do just that - through the amazing and far-reaching powers of film.


Join ground-breaking documentary director Michael Henning and I as we embark on our latest venture - "Strizki: Keys to the Cage," a film that's sure to show to show the world how truly incredible renewable energy can be.


To be a part of this incredible journey, donate to our Indiegogo fundraising campaign today!



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The Hydrogen House Project is a 501©(3) non-profit organization dedicated to education and the pursuit of clean and renewable energy technologies. The organization was founded by inventor Mike Strizki in 2011. Strizki gained international notoriety in 2006 when he converted his home in Hopewell, New Jersey, to run exclusively on solar and hydrogen power. With grants from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, as well as his own personal funds, Strizki was able to complete the Hydrogen House, the first solar-hydrogen residence in North America. Strizki has since offered educational tours of his home to show how effective the system is at providing clean, safe, renewable energy. His house is completely off the grid, and the only byproducts of his system are chemically pure water and medical grade oxygen.


The Hydrogen House Project plans to move forward with Strizki's research and development efforts in the renewable energy sector, investigating practical applications for solar, hydrogen, fuel cells and other clean energy technologies. Side-by-side with these research efforts, the organization will educate the public through guided tours of the Hydrogen House, presentations, student internships, research projects, and events.



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The cost of the hydrogen power house is $500,000 which is too much for an average individual yet this means freedom from paying another energy bill for the rest of one's life. I honestly think Mike Strizki is the man for home energy savings. Just imagine how he managed to do that for his home. He is a genius. It would be better if he can make his invention more affordable for others to utilize. Otherwise, there would only be one solar-hydrogen powered home.


It will also be a huge help if the government can fund projects like this rather than spending money elsewhere like those missiles and war stuff. wink.png Just saying... N.B.

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