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Found 4 results

  1. The 2019 Directors Circle Festival Of Shorts has officially opened our call for entries and will accept submissions internationally of short length films in any and all genres including Narrative, Documentary, Horror, Experimental, Avant-garde, Animation, Religious/Spiritual, Gay/Lesbian and all genres of Music Videos for our 2019 festival. We will accept all forms of religious, Christian, and spiritual films including African, African American, Gay/Lesbian, Black, Hispanic, Islamic, Latino, Jewish, Native/Aboriginal and student films from the United States and around the world. Festival horror categories for films will include Horror, Thrillers, Science Fiction, Suspense, Grindhouse Horror, Horror Documentary, Horror Animation, and student horror films. Our Film Festival shall accept music videos from around the world of cross-continent and cross-genre productions of all ranges from pop, punk, rock, alt-country, country-western, folk, reggae, hip-hop to electronica, jazz, blues, Zydeco, industrial, gothic, karaoke, avant-garde, world music, and experimental. The Directors Circle Festival Of Shorts is internationally recognized as a premiere showcase for creative, inspiring, and influential films of all types. The 2019 DCSF will host a live film festival event in the great City of Erie Pennsylvania that will screen the best and most innovative films of the 2019 season. Housed in the historic Renaissance Centre located in beautiful downtown Erie, the 2019 DCSF live Festival will run consecutively with the opening weekend of the Festival. Our online festival is presented in a virtual theater setting that will allow users to watch the films while the films remain completely safe from download or reproduction. The DCSF recognizes Filmmakers for outstanding achievements in their craft through creativity and imagination, while always paving the way and opening doors for the very talented Filmmakers world-wide. More information and to submit your film can be found on our website www.dcshortsfest.com
  2. Always striving to be one of the most progressive and creative Festivals in the world, the Great Lakes International Film Festival is now officially accepting films of all genres and lengths from around the world and across the United States for our 2019 Festival. The passion and commitment that each filmmaker and writer puts into his or her work is both noble and unique, to say the least, and deserves to be acknowledged. As not only the cornerstone of our Mission but as the foundation of our belief system and morals, we seek out, acknowledge and award the many talented independent filmmakers who may not get the recognition they richly deserve. The Great Lakes International Film Festival strives to serve the interests and needs of Independent Filmmakers worldwide by connecting artists with audiences, exhibiting and promoting new films and filmmaking talent, as well as nurturing a creative community by facilitating relationships that last well beyond each year’s festival. Considered among most popular film festivals in the world, the 18th annual Great Lakes International Film Festival genre categories for feature length and short length films are Narrative, Documentary, Experimental, Religious/Spiritual, Animation, Comedy, Horror, with Horror sub-genres that include Supernatural, Thrillers, Wicken, Magical, Slashers, Science Fiction, Suspense, Horror Documentary, Horror Animation and all genres of Music Videos and GLBT films for the 2019 festival. If there is anything as universal as the ageless storytelling of motion pictures, it’s the music that makes up life’s soundtrack. The 2019 Great Lakes International Film Festival shall accept Music Videos from around the world of cross-continent and cross-genre productions. We shall accept Music Videos of all genres from Pop, Punk, Rock, Alt-Country, Country-Western, Folk, Reggae, Hip-Hop to Electronica, Jazz, Blues, Zydeco, Industrial, Metal, Hardcore, Gothic, Karaoke, Avant-Garde, World Music, and Experimental, and all other genres that may not be listed here. The 2019 Great Lakes International Film Festival will accept all forms of Religious, Christian, and Spiritual films including African, African-American, GLBT, Black, Hispanic, Islamic, Latino, Native/Aboriginal and student films from the United States and around the world. In addition to awards presented to Filmmakers for Best of Genre, our Festival will present an Audience Choice Award to the Filmmaker whose film is the most popular with our attendees, and that receives the most attendee votes. Showcasing the best films of the 2019 season, the Great Lakes International Film Festival will be held LIVE in the great city of Erie, Pennsylvania starting on September 19th, 2019, with our virtual festival taking place September 19th thru September 28th, 2019. Please visit www.greatlakesfilmfest.com to contact us, view submission rules, and submit your film.
  3. The African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) is back in Washington D.C. at the Goethe Institute for its eighth annual edition. Presented by the film marketing and distributing company, Artmattan Productions, ADIFF-DC will present 8 documentary and fiction films from August 22 to 24, 2014, that will transport audiences overseas to Egypt, Madagascar, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. The festival will also feature 2 films focusing on the African American experience. In addition to screening fascinating, critically-acclaimed films, the festival also includes two catered receptions and Q&A sessions with filmmakers after selected screenings. We hope to see you there! When: August 22-24, 2014 Where: Goethe-Institut 812 Seventh Street, NW Washington D.C., 20001 Time: Starts Friday, August 22 @ 6pm; Saturday, August 23 @ 1pm; Sunday, August 24 @ 1pm Price: General Admission: $12; Students + Seniors: $10; Opening Night: $20 Call us: (212) 864-1760 Email us: info@nyadiff.org To purchase tickets + weekend passes online visit: http://www.nyadiff.org/adiff-dc-2014
  4. In 2006, North America's first ever solar-Hydrogen House reached completion in Hopewell, New Jersey. The man behind this incredible feat? Mike Strizki. Never heard of him? Well, that's the problem. The world needs to know his name, his work, and his mission. I'm here to do just that - through the amazing and far-reaching powers of film. Join ground-breaking documentary director Michael Henning and I as we embark on our latest venture - "Strizki: Keys to the Cage," a film that's sure to show to show the world how truly incredible renewable energy can be. To be a part of this incredible journey, donate to our Indiegogo fundraising campaign today! http://www.indiegogo.com/strizki
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