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Season of Peace and Goodwill


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Christians need to start spreading the word to stop the hate.


Why can you not discuss this issue in a public format.


Christmas is a festive holiday season.


Chistmas is about peace and goodwill.


Hanukkah is the same.


This holiday season should be focused on mending wounds.


This holiday season people should be discussing solutions to the problems.


And sharing more openly about their faith.


Tolerance needs to be found.


Jesus is about love and sacrifice.


What does Moses stand for?


Why does Mohammad not believe that Jesus was the Son of God?


Speak your mind.


This evening, one of my Jewish neighbors found a large homemade-looking flyer on

his front steps. It is covered with copied and pasted bits and pieces from

anti-semitic sources. He checked up and down the block and found them only on

the steps of other Jews, or people who look Jewish. There was one on my steps,

too. He rang some doorbells to see if this was as targeted as it looked. It was.


We would like to know if anyone else, Jewish or not, found one of these at the

end of their walk, or at the bottom of their front steps. Or if you saw anyone

distributing them. We intend to report this to the police.


Thanks for your help.

Lise Gladstone

30th Street

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Guest Eckington Resident

Here is another.


People need to slowdown on just face-booking family and friends. And start talking with the community.


RE: Jewish hate flyer on my doorstep


The emergence of such blatant bigotry in our community, apparently from a

perpetrator who is familiar enough with our neighbors to discriminate among us,

is profoundly distressing. I ask to be kept apprised of developments regarding

this offense. Should it prove advisable, I stand ready to help explore with

other concerned neighbors what might be done in the face of such atrocious



Mark Rosenman

Newark Street

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I am saddened when i come across the spreading of hate messages against any faith or religion that spreads love to others. During the holiday season things of this ugly nature seem to pick up and gather momentum for some reason and that just lets you know that there are many people who are lost in this world we live in and find pleasure in hurting others because they hurt themselves and they think this is a way to find pleasure by hurting others. It seems to me that the Jewish faith seem to get the brunt of this hate more than other religions for some reason and it disgusts me how mean some people can be. I say "Kill these people with kindness and prayer" that they may find GOD and the true meaning of LOVE. GOD bless, Butterbean

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