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  1. Wow a moon base...sign me up! LOL...I think it would be a cool idea but don't we all agree that there are to many issues we need to address here on planet Earth/USA before we build a moon base ? Plus it would take more than two terms in office to build something like that. I have friends who work for NASA and i went to a symposium on just that topic over 10 years ago in DC with some of the TOP scientist in the field talking about 2020 as a target but as we all know we have not even started to build it yet so forget about 8 years...No way...not enough time to do so. I will add to this post later but now its off to work. Butter...
  2. The Model X is Tesla's all-electric crossover vehicle, with seating for 7 plus front and rear trunk space. The all wheel drive EV can get from 0-60 mph in just 4.4 seconds, and features a 17" touchscreen in the center stack and signature "falcon" doors for access to the rear seats. Check out the Video below...
  3. It's hard to put into words how i felt about Whitney. I grew up listing to her and here songs had a powerful effect on my life in a good way. I just felt compeled to post this short video and message about her because she meant so much to so many people. We will never forget her and and keep her in our hearts forever. May she find in death what she could not find in life. http://youtu.be/u_5PO_cTd8A
  4. I think it's great news whenever i hear that made in American companies are doing better and helping out are economy all at the same time. I believe many people are now beginning to understand the importance of supporting American made goods and here is one example to prove it. The definition of patriotism is "love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it". By sacrificing an easy buck by buying goods from overseas for cheaper cost and labor it shows the dedication to country that companies like http://www.achristmasornament.com/ have. Keep supporting this recent new trend by buying American made goods this holiday season and through out the rest of the year so one day we can all look back and say i was a part of that. Butterbean...
  5. I am saddened when i come across the spreading of hate messages against any faith or religion that spreads love to others. During the holiday season things of this ugly nature seem to pick up and gather momentum for some reason and that just lets you know that there are many people who are lost in this world we live in and find pleasure in hurting others because they hurt themselves and they think this is a way to find pleasure by hurting others. It seems to me that the Jewish faith seem to get the brunt of this hate more than other religions for some reason and it disgusts me how mean some people can be. I say "Kill these people with kindness and prayer" that they may find GOD and the true meaning of LOVE. GOD bless, Butterbean
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