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  1. Please elaborate on this sentence: "if Einstein was alive, he has committed multi-fold onslaught on perpetrators of oppression." As it currently is written, it makes no sense.
  2. In theory, a moon base isn't really a bad idea, but we, as a country, have more pressing issues currently such as millions of people losing their Earth houses thanks to the big banks, etc. Where does Newt propose we acquire the two-trillion-plus dollars this moon base would require for construction? Newt and the Republican base are categorically opposed to raising taxes on the wealthy so maybe more talk of gutting Social Security, Medicare, Education, et. al. I somehow think I'm not the only one who believes this may be a, ahem, "bad idea."
  3. There are: "...more than 600,000 residents of rural communities still do not have the basic water and sanitation services the rest of us take for granted." So, over half a million people in the United States of America don't have running water, yet what the USA really needs is a moon base so we can have 50 U.S. states and 1 U.S Moon state? That's a pretty glaring example of politicians not having their priorities straight. Maybe a good campaign slogan would be "indoor plumbing before moon stations."
  4. In spite of his being Canadian, (JK) this guy is really funny - check out his video and if he ever comes around def. check him out. http://youtube.com/watch?v=xtRiuM If you have a twitter account follow him!!! handle is @Cliffalus and you'll be laughing everytime he posts a tweet. One of the best.
  5. OK fine, after due diligence I realize the absurdity of what Newt Gingrich said in the Jacksonville, FL debate was pandering and not much more, but the man said what he said. Newt Gingrich said by his second term as president, by year 2020, that America would have a moon colony with 13,000 Americans living there and that they could apply for statehood so America would have 51 states. He also mentioned he wanted "manufacturing plants" on the moon. Reread that last paragraph anywhere from zero to one hundred times or however many times it takes to really sink in. I myself I had to rewind the DVR several times because how could his statements have been anything but grandiose rhetoric uttered by a mentally-unstable individual? A moon base? 13,000 people living on the moon?Statehood for The Moon Colony? Manufacturing plant? So by Newt's thinking, allowing Washington, DC to become a state with her 550,000 residents is, and I direct quote him, "crazy," but building the 51st United State in 8 years, on THE MOON is a great idea? Am I the only one who this completely astounds? It's one of the craziest things I've heard, ever, the reasons for which I'll expound on later while the other reasons are glaringly obvious. Anyone reading this agree with me? Per the topic title, I'm not letting this one go, not for a while anyway. I'm not 100 percent "all there," but neither am I completely ... hmm ... gotta keep this clean ... "completely off my rocker."
  6. This is a tough one. Even the myriad authors at Wikipedia are having a VERY a hard time pinning down when (and how) the hexagram became a symbol of Judaism. True, the hexagram (aka Star of David, etc. etc. et. al.) was around during the time of Constantine [The hexagram does appear occasionally in Jewish contexts since antiquity, apparently as a decorative motif. For example, in Israel, there is a stone bearing a hexagram from the arch of a 3rd–4th century synagogue in the Galilee, (i.e., the time of Constantine's reign as Emperor of Rome)] but there is not much mention of HOW it became the symbol of a religion and nation. Will investigate further and am awaiting answers from trusted sources. Stay tuned.
  7. Luke, it wasn't so much of a "financial overthrow" of Greece and Italy or a coup de etat. It was more like dominoes falling slowly over the past few years. Greece has continually been keeping it's debt at over 110 percent of GDP which, in addition to several other factors, caused them to be in deep financial trouble which most believe will lead to Greece's defaulting on it's debt. There are many different views on what this would mean. The contrarians contend it's not Greece endangering the Euro, it's vice-versa. Since I'm not an economist I'll have to do a lot more research on this to give you a really cogent answer. Stay tuned ...
  8. Let me be the first American to say CONGRATULATIONS GREECE AND ITALY! You've just handed your countries over to unelected international bankers. Welcome to the New World Order!
  9. There are probably millions of symbols from days past and will be in the future. One thing I do not understand is "just don't shove it down my throat." Who is shoving what down whose throat?? Just curious.
  10. While I'm on this particular rant, what's the deal with four (4) State Troopers at every construction site throughout the metro area? Not just VA but MD too? Have construction sites become high crime areas? A lot of drug dealing or kidnappings on heavy construction sites? This is a new phenomenon that has taken place in the past 2 or 3 years, on EVERY night time construction site. The police cruisers just sit there, lights on, all night every night. This did not used to be the situation. Why spend money on this? Why so much waste? The construction sites have high-intensity-discharge metal halide lights and make the construction sites look like the Sun is shining at noon on them Can someone please explain this waste?
  11. Dear Curious: I don't know why they're doing it either, but I noticed the precise same thing they're doing now on Route 7 in Ashburn down to Sterling. There is NOTHING wrong with the asphalt pavement and they're tearing it up and laying down new roadway. I don't get it. I read in the Post about 10 years ago that it takes a million dollars a mile to repave a single lane road so we're talking about 50 million dollar USELESS project here. I don't want to hear a single member of Congress from VA talking about "pork barrel this or wasteful spending that." STOP repaving roads that most of the U.S. would give their right arm to have. It's insane. It's the equivalent of digging a hole, getting the dirt from the hole to fill in the hole you just dug and then repeating the process 10,000 times, i.e., It. Is. Senseless.
  12. Sigh ... when are American companies going to stop this hemorrhaging of American jobs being outsourced to foreign countries? It must stop or America is in more trouble than it already is. Come on manufactures: I'm willing to bet Americans will pay extra in order to keep the U.S. the Superpower it is.
  13. At about 4:08 seconds into this "interview," Ann Coulter just blasts off the reservation, microscopic/myopic brain in tow as she states: ... "mob uprising’s (ed. note: read: “protestors”) are always left wing ... Russian revolution, Vietnam, Chine Venezuela, Cuba, but the founding of America had nothing to do with these other revolutions ... the founding of America was more like the modern day peaceful Tea Partiers." *Shakes head ruefully." Here is a transliteration of what she just said: 1) The Founding Fathers were "a left wing mob." 2) The American Revolution was a just a Tea Party-esque, peaceful demonstration of basic human rights that didn't yet exist. (Bill of Rights). I'll repeat that: Ann Coulter believes the American Revolution was a just a Tea Party-esque, peaceful demonstration REALLY? In her immense brilliance she forgot/ignored this little thing called the AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR in which TWENTY-SEVEN-THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED AMERICANS DIED. How, again, is a war a "peaceful demonstration?" I've never hit a woman but still I'd smile if a transformer robot falcon-punched her through an oak tree. Just sayin ...
  14. Tell me how this doesn't describe 99 percent of heavy-weight Fortune 1000 CEO's: (From the film "Limitless") "Your power ... you flaunt it and you throw it around like a brat with his trust fund; you haven’t had to climb up all the greasy little rungs, you haven’t been bored blind at the fundraisers, you haven’t done the time in that first marriage to the girl with the right father, you think you can leap over all in a single bound, you haven’t had to bribe or charm or threaten your way to a seat at that table ...".
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