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Sat.9.011: Krunk Presents... West Coast's Dj Meist


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KRUNK is every Saturday @ South Beach

7904 Woodmont Ave / Bethesda, MD (10 mins from DC)




"There's only one spot in Montgomery County that consistently serves up top hip-hop DJs; massive, inexpensive mixed drinks; live performances; and an open mi©: Krunk..."


-Fritz Hahn and Rhome Anderson (washingtonpost.com)


S A T U R D A Y , S E P 1 1 t h :



(extended eclectic hip-hop, reggae, funk/soul, etc set)


Thanks to everyone who kept it at a boil for the Krunk Fall Jump Off w/ Mikey and Big Chuck. It was obvious that not even Labor Day Weekend can curb the Krunk! Let's get the fall season started RIGHT with the West Coast's one and only DJ MEISTRO!! SATURDAY - SATURDAY - SATURDAY!!




Flattery and promotional babble aside, ALL our guest and resident DJ's do the damn thing UBER PROPER but PERSONALLY it has been a while since I've been this GASSED up over a guest DJ. It's once a leap year that my ears have the auditory pleasure of digesting a DJ mix that is so well thought out.. so dance friendly.. so versatile... so technical... so soulful... so PERFECT FOR KRUNK! Moments after experiencing DJ Meistro's green splatter spray-painted recording I KNEW Krunk had to host the debut.


With the flip of his wrists, Mr. Meistro quickly drops a hip-hop acapella and flawlessly appropriates respective soul, house and hip-hop beats for each individual verse. Refusing to be genre bound, the man then instantly jumps from Busta to Pete Rock to Clipse to Beanie Man with style and ease, combining the best in REAL hip-hop, guilty hip-POP pleasures, reggae, dance hall, soul and everything you'd expect to hear at Krunk. I see many Titts / Nada / Cam / Optimst traits in this man's sets, so I approach this weekend with outstanding pleasure, honor and anticipation. Can't wait to for yall to get it Krunk for the man Meistro!!


Please show this very talented turntable technician a very warm Krunk and East Coast welcome! "Less is certainly more" this week. No live MC sets, no guest DJ's, no free junk food... just the highly anticipated and pleasantly extended set from DJ MEISTRO!!!


I'm giving you a week's notice. Now go and buy some Gel Insoles for this Saturday immediately!!



Along with your residents...






Big Titts will be on the ones and twos, warming up the crowd with ultimate hip-hop funk. Having recently dropped near the equivalent of his RENT on wax, note that Titts will most likely be even MORE amped behind the decks these next few passes! From new Wu (YOU BIG DUMMY) and Royce da 5'9" f/ Big L to M.O.P. vs. Beastie Boys and a mature Snoop, Titts got the funk for yo mind and feet! Don't sleep on some huge Titts dates coming soon to you! DNB Sessions on 9/8, Titts @ Metalheadz 10 Year Tour w/ Goldie and Photek! Krunk CUBIK TAKEOVER and much much more!






"Is it a crime to want to shine?" Nope, but missing Optimst's new EP should be! If you don't already have a copy of Op-teezy's new joint, BUG HIM EACH AND EVERY WEEK TIL YOU GET THE RECORDED HOTNESS. Having said that, I'm ecstatic to present the return of Krunk founder and MoCo bro ALEX VERT. After some unforeseen circumstances, he's back, bigger, badder and black, err um, stronger than ever. Flexing the open mic and blessing the decks is his talent.. and we've even taught him to down a tequila shot or two! Good to have you back brah, now get up there work off that deck rust!!






Show up early (11) to witness or partake in the poisonous paragraphs perfect for Krunk jump off. Keep it tight but civil. Bring a demo if you want a show. I'll say this again because cats don't seem to get it... I will *NOT* grant you a show on the spot. Not even a song. Save your breath and do NOT hassle my DJ's. I get the same sales pitch every week so I'm not trying to be a dick but I don't know you from the next man!! Bring a demo if you want a show, otherwise keep the cypha goin!




-Mark your calendar for the KRUNK CLUB 5 TAKEOVER on Wednesday, September 8th. What more perfect than to enjoy one of summer's remaining moments on the comfortable, renovated Club 5 rooftop? Join your Krunk residents in celebration of Yvonne's Birthday, alongside DJ's Fierce, Storm, Bobby Jae and Darkenetiks! Info.


-Check the Tittsworth/Krunk appearance in the Washington Express from last Friday. Read and respond here. Much love to The Post Express for the piece!


-Titts making moves! DJ dates:

-Sept 02: Titts + Arse @ Alias (dnb)

-Sept 08: Krunk Club 5 Takeover (hiphop, b-more club and the kitchen sink)

-Sept 17: Tittsworth @ Buzz/Cubik (drum and bass like whoa)

- Look for the Krunk CUBIK/Buzz takeover!!

-Each and every Saturday at KRUNK (if you don't know you betta axe somebody)


-Stay up to date on events by joining the Krunk/Tittsworth.com newsletter:

E-mail jesse@tittsworth.com


!!! Get KRUNK each and every Saturday !!!


- Free admission

- The hottest live acts, DJ's and MC's

- Drink specials & more for MEMBERS ONLY:

- Sign up for the forum to take advantage! http://tittsworth.com/forum

- Sign up for the e-mail list to stay informed! jesse@tittsworth.com to sub


- Open mic from 10:30 pm-12 midnight

- Consistently praised by Washington Post & more!

- Late nite MENU for REAL after hour EATS!

- Covered SMOKING SECTION available!

- 21+ w/ photo ID

- Hours: 10:30 pm to 2:30 am


- Only 10 mins from DC!

- Metro accessible!

- South Beach = 7904 Woodmont Ave/ Bethesda,MD

- Directions from Connecticut Ave / DC

- Directions from I-495, 355 & others

- Free parking in front of Saphire (7940 Woodmont)


For press, pictures, weekly line-ups and more, please visit:


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yo, our ratio is RIGHT!!


-recent shots:



(and that was just an OK nite in the summer! fall rushes are OFF THE CHAIN)


-mo pics on tittsworth.com


-this cat is from the west coast but he may have guested on pgc, i'll check for ya..


check us out! cats got NUFF good ***brown trout*** to say about KRUNK. check out our forums at tittsworth.com if you don't believe ;-) also, find me and i'll sort out some shots fo sho!!!!

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