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The Washington Post is wrapping up a several part story about what went wrong in the case of the murder of Chandra Levy.


The story seems to suggest that an illegal alien from El Salvador might be the culprit.


I have a theory that the real culprit is Loose Lips of the Washington City Paper; a paranoid schizophrenic reporter who was desperate for a story and spent a good amount of his time in Rock Creek Park under the influence of alcohol which only exacerbated his mental illness and delusional processes: E.g. Mistaking local political candidates as being other people and more.


Keep in mind that I am not accusing anyone of anything but just expressing a theory.

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Actually there is nothing funny about someone's death. Also, making a joke at the expense of a well known journalist who is in no way related to the crime is just plain bad taste. In respect to the late Mr. Rees I would put no credibility or seriousness in a user that has the priest from the movie "Exorcist" as his avatar.

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I will have to agree with you Luke that there is nothing funny about anyone's death. Mr. Rees did have a weird since of humor that most people did not find funny. When it comes to attaching someone without do cause, or remorse then that is plan wrong. People should consider on how they will be perceived after they are gone, and really consider how they treat others while they are on this earth a short time.

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