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  1. That sounds great, I also think if they are into recycling that they will also prevent all the off gases form the melt down of plastic. More should be done the the corporate sector as well as the private, or we will be in sorry shape of having no more land fills do put all the plastic in. Research and development should be done in order to limit the amount put into land fills, find more uses of recycled goods. I know it is supposed to be a child's film but maybe some of the corporations should watch WALLE and see what will happen to our world if more is not done to limit the amount of waste, and the private sector should watch as well do what we can to limit it.
  2. That may be true in a few years. It would also help the existing farmers out by keeping the few farms that are left. Help the environment with the green house effect. But I think the one's who will like it the most is the Treasury Department, or better yet the IRS with all that they can tax off of of it.
  3. Ya Think? All I have to do is talk to people looking for employment, or people I know that has employment the what they are doing in their jobs. The people employed are telling me that the companies are not hiring to replace workers who have left, or are laying off workers and having others do the jobs that they were doing. So for those of us still working hold onto your jobs, and be prepared to multi task more then you are now.
  4. The smaller stores are really good, but one of the problems it is hard to find some sizes without ordering them online. Woman who are over 5'5" it is hard to find long slacks, hard to find slacks or jeans that come to the normal waist. I am tired of worrying about weather my slacks or jeans are going to fall down with or without a belt. But the thing that really bothers me the most is what happened to the tags "MADE IN THE USA"? So if anyone out there knows where to buy American make cloths for woman over 5'8" that are not skin tight, that will be below the ankles, and where you do not have to worry about them falling off when let me know.
  5. The new car sounds very promising. The question is with today's economy how many people will be able to afford such a car? We all understand that there is a lot of time, and money put into research and development for such a car.
  6. Those are great tips. Compost piles are great as well. All lawn waste can be put in as well as from the kitchen, as long as there is not animal by products in it. The nutrients in it can help cut down on the need for fertilizers as well.
  7. I have passed this along to others, and I know that they are not happy with what has happened with the bail out.
  8. All of those billions could of been put to a better use if they would just given it to the American people, and I do not mean in tax breaks when we all know who gets those. People could buy products, pay off auto, house, utilities where it would get to where it really be needed at. Back into the economy. But that is just my opinion.
  9. It would blow the illegal drug trade out the window IF they legalized it. There is to much profit in having it illegal, but IF they did they could tax it like cigarettes are now. There is also the fact that there are so many different medical ailments that can be handled by the use of marijuana. With the fact that it can be grown at home it would greatly diminish the drug companies profit.
  10. I can't wait to read the link. Any origination that has control of that much money should be under some sort of control. They get millions in bail out money for what, to pay out large bonuses, NO! If the government is going to give out that much money then give it to the people who are trying to keep their homes, pay bills, be able to just support their families I find that a better cause.
  11. There should be a checks and balance system, but when greed is involved that all goes out the window. I have read some of the horrible stories of the casualties of greed in the back of unventilated trucks or take their money and run. As long as there are greedy people out there that think they can make easy money then it will continue.
  12. With all of this going on no wonder we are in a deep recession. Thousands of people are losing their employment and homes, and these jokers are getting richer doing what? Taking our hard earned money and running? It is time for a new system of doing things, and stop handing out our tax dollars and getting nothing in return.
  13. I will agree with that. It is pretty bad when 73 employees get $1 million dollar bonuses, and the average person is lucky to get a 2% raise, or no raise at all. I really think that there should be a investigation into all of this.
  14. I will agree that the biggest drug dealers here are the pharmaceutical companies, and most people believe that they should be taking all the drugs because their doctors say that they should. Drugs are sent to the market way before all the testing is done, I know I have a couple of friends effected by them, heart attacks, diabetes, just to name a couple. As far as being a Democratic or Republican I am neither, I want hopefully an honest, resourceful, public minded individual to run our Country. Being hit by a dirty bomb is a concern of mine as well, but I will not stop living my life because of it.
  15. OK, I will take the bait and ask what are the REAL SECURITY ISSUES? I just find it unfair for the American people to give everything away to immigrants, while the people born and raised here can not get anything from the Government exept higher taxes, and a lot of grief. There are thousand of Americans who have lost their homes, jobs and etc. because of the way the economy is now, but I feel mostly because of the banks, mortgage lenders,oil companies shoving it to us by doing unscrupulous practices, and mostly being GREEDY. As far as drugs, What would happen if they legalized Marijauna here? I am not for it personally, but I know that it could help a lot of people with medical problems. OH by the way all people are not Democrats, still think Hilary would of been one heck of a President. :)
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