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Sean Taylor was a great player

Guest Yatra

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I am still shocked and deeply saddened. I just can't believe he is dead. The loss of Sean Taylor is being felt in West Virginia.


At Redskins Park and around the NFL on Tuesday, league and team officials, coaches and players took time to comment on the passing of Redskins safety Sean Taylor:


-- NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell


"This is a terrible tragedy involving the loss of a young man who leaves behind many people struggling to understand it. Our office is staying in close contact with the Redskins to provide all appropriate support to the club and Sean's family.


"We also are working to determine the facts surrounding this tragic event. We will honor the memory of Sean Taylor at all games this weekend."



-- Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell


"Sean was a dear friend to all of us. We're all like a family and it's like we lost a family member. Through this tragedy we all have to try to pull together, stay strong for each other.


"Our hearts and prayers go out to his family, his girlfriend, his little girl. It's a tough situation right now.


"Sean was a great person. I just wish that everyone had the opportunity to get a chance to know him because if you just sit down and you talk to Sean one-on-one, he's a special person, and you know, he's a great person and he had all the intentions of trying to do the right things for people in the community.


"If you just look at him from the way that he's changed in the last year, it's just been outstanding to have the opportunity to spend time with him because he's just a special person.


"He will truly be missed by all of us, we'll hold him close to our hearts, and it's just a tough situation right now. "



-- Redskins safety Reed Doughty


"I talked to Sean right before I left for the [Tampa] game. He just offered a lot of words of encouragement and told me to go play my best. He always believed in me. The shock of it right now is the hardest part, especially after there were encouraging words [Monday] night. I heard the news [Tuesday] morning and it was real hard to handle. You just take it an hour at a time right now."



-- Redskins left guard Pete Kendall


"I got a chance to know Sean a little bit. In fact, he was one of the first guys to say hello and introduce himself to me when I was traded here.


"The thing that stood out to me about Sean was after our first game here, the home opener against the Dolphins, we were in the player's parking lot afterwards and I have three young kids and my two boys are big football fans and they were really struck and impressed with Sean Taylor and to actually meet him.


"Sean actually spent some time [with them]. He didn't just sign a book and send them on their way, but talked to them. As a father that stood out to me. That made probably the biggest impact on me.


-- Eagles head coach Andy Reid


"We are saddened by the news about Sean Taylor's death. Although I did not know Sean personally we have competed against him for the last several years. He was a good football player who played the game with great energy and passion.


"I listened to the respect and remorse that Coach Gibbs and James Thrash had and felt for Sean. These are two people I know and respect greatly.


"Sean's passing will have an impact on the Washington Redskins organization and the entire NFL community. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sean's family, friends, and teammates, including our own Jerome McDougle, who played with Sean at the University of Miami."



-- Jets linebacker Jonathan Vilma


"Sean has been a close friend of mine since our days at the University of Miami. He was a great teammate and an even greater person.


"It is so hard for me to fathom that I am not going to be able to pick up the phone to call him. My deepest condolences are extended to his family, especially his daughter and parents.


"Sean will definitely be missed and I hope for the best for his family."



-- Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey


"I first got to know Sean in college when he came in as a freshman and I was in my last year at Miami. He came in with Kellen Winslow.


"He was kind of a wild child, like myself, but life changed for Sean after he had his baby girl.


"Fatherhood really changed him. He grew up and matured. That baby (daughter Jackie) had transformed his life. Working out with him during the offseason, I witnessed a change.


"You could see it like night and day. I feel so bad for the family."



-- Giants wide receiver Sinorice Moss:


"It's a tough time for me right now. Sean was really like a brother to me. We were classmates and teammates at UM and he was a guy that just loved football and loved being around his friends.


"I feel for his family. I know his dad real well, and I feel for his baby girl. He was so proud of his little girl, and it's just so sad that he's no longer here and won't be able to see her grow up.


"The whole UM family is hurting right now. My prayers go out to his family because they are going to need our support."

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Guest TaylorFan21

If I hear one more thing from the media about Sean Taylor being a thug I'm gonna go insane! Think about it. What has he done in his life that none of us hasn't. None of us have ever driven drunk. None of us has ever beaten the crap out of anyone. None of us have ever spit on anyone. And as far as I know he never shot at anyone, and it was his word against a couple of thieves that stole his property as to whether he or his friend had a gun. Missing a couple of meetings and a rookie symposium does not make him a gangster. Not many of us knew of Sean Taylor till he entered the Redskins family four years ago as a TWENTY-YEAR OLD ball player. Think about what some of us were like at twenty! He's getting a bad rap cause he's a young, tough, hard-hitting, dred-locked black guy from Miami. And as a society we assume that all black football players from The University of Miami are criminals. I'm sick to my stomach right now. And even if he was into some shady ***brown trout***, it still doesn't justify him being murdered in his own home with his family there!


I just hope that in the future none of us, including myself, jump to conclusions and speculate about things that we know nothing about. At first I thought that Taylor's shooting was probably his fault as well. But then I thought about what he has really done in his life. And then I thought about his parents, his fiancé, and especially his little girl. I am distraught and sick to my stomach right now.

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The Meast will alway be remembered. It is good that his 18-month-old daughter, Jackie, is too young to remember that night. For a person to shoot him with his family in the bedroom is a cold heartless act. It was intentional. Someday I hope will be revenged in the same manner.

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A bit of good news. They found the killers.




Four suspects were charged yesterday in the shooting death of Washington Redskins star Sean Taylor, with two of their lawyers confirming some have confessed.


Charles Wardlow, Eric Rivera and Venjah Hunte were denied bond during a brief court appearance via videoconference in Fort Myers, Fla. The fourth suspect, Jason Mitchell, was charged yesterday afternoon and had not made a court appearance.


All four are charged with unpremeditated murder in Taylor's death, a killing police said was unplanned and arose out of a burglary at the player's home. They're also charged with armed burglary and home invasion with a firearm or another deadly weapon.


The four were arrested Friday in southwest Florida, about 150 kilometres from Miami.


Miami-Dade County police director Robert Parker said the suspects didn't expect Taylor to be home when they broke in early last Monday, but the Redskins safety was recuperating from a knee injury and had returned from Washington.


When Taylor surprised them, he was shot.


"They were certainly not looking to go there and kill anyone," Parker said. "They were expecting a residence that was not occupied. So murder or shooting someone was not their initial motive."


Authorities said they had more than one confession, but Parker would not elaborate.


Wilbur Smith, the lawyer representing Rivera, said yesterday he expected a speedy resolution.


"Don't expect this to be a long, drawn-out thing," he told The News-Press of Fort Myers. "Because there are confessions, I believe this will be quickly resolved."



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Meet the faces who killed Sean Taylor. Clockwise from top left, Charles Kendrick Lee Wardlow, Eric Rivera Jr., Jason Scott Mitchell and Venjah K. Hunte. These men are being charged with ONLY unpremeditated murder. Burglers don't shoot people upon being discovered, they run away. There is NOT enough electricity for them. I would love to see smoke coming out from their heads.


I found Eric Rivera's web page. Send a note of how you are wishing him a good fry.



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I still can't get over the fact that Sean Taylor is gone. Talk about total bummer.

I suppose I think about what would have happend if he was there to play for the rest of the season. I am greatful we made it as far as we did.

All of those guys involved deserve the worst. It's easy for me to say. Not only does Sean Taylors family have to deal with a loss, but the guys who did it.... There familys will be losing their sons as well. If you have no intention of shooting someone then don't bring a gun. It really takes a coward to pull the trigger. Those kids had no common scence. And worst of all there lives are over.


The good thing is that the rest of the Redskin players and organization is strong and this tragedy made us stronger.


Hail to the Redskins!!!


Good Luck next season!

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