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(dc) 6.26: Krunk /free / Dave Nada / Indeethot & B


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It's been almost a year since I was fortunate enough to have met the extremely talented and oh-so personable Dave Nada (indirectly through Krunk, directly through Jackson & Dirtbox-- MANY THANKS). Since then, the months, gigs and shots have flown by in what seemed like a blink of an eye. He, who was our final resident addition, has now become a musical & emotional fixture of the Krunk family. I'm proud to celebrate another year in honor of my friend and even brother, the prolific, Dave Nada. We hope that you will join us for this very special evening...


Krunk is every Saturdary @ South Beach

7904 Woodmont Ave / Bethesda, MD (upstairs)


A personal invite and DJ SET from Dave Nada...


"I cordially invite each and every one of you to my birthday party this Saturday, June 26. It's been a great year and I'd like to extend my thanks to all my friends, fam and all the amazing people I've met since last year. Everyone has played an important role in my life and you're very much appreciated. To those I haven't talked to in a hot minute, you know I like to do a million things at once and never sleep, but I still keep you all in mind and hope you all are doing well!


So on that note, hopefully we can all kick it, catch up, have a drink, or get our groove on this Saturday. I'm looking forward to it.... I'll be DJing early because I'm sure I won't be able to stand up later on. I'll be doing a solid AFROBEAT into STEVIE WONDER set, followed by my good friend Daniel "Indeethot" who will continue with Stevie and then lace a serious classics R&B/soul set. The cherry on top of the birthday cake will be a focused Baltimore club/booty house set by the infamous DJ TITTSWORTH! Saturday will most definitely be hotter than July. Can't wait to see you there and I'll be accepting birthday shots and even punches, ha! Peace..."


In addition to Dave's Nada early B-DAY set (spanning hip-hop afrobeat, funk, Stevie and more)...






Indeethot began his rise to world domination and immense popularity at 88.1 fm WMUC, running "Independent Thought" for five illustrious and memorable years beginning in 1998. Since then, he has spun at numerous spots in DC and Baltimore, assumed the position of Assistant Editor for the music bi-monthly Innerloop Magazine, become a contributing writer for a number of other publications, and even made out with a girl (once). He currently mans the sound system along with KRUNK resident Dave Nada every other week as a part of Reunion Thursdays. Although raised on hip-hop, Indeethot has branched out to build a diverse repertoire of music which romps through genres while maintaining a decidedly b-boy perspective. Also, he's very strong. Don't sleep on the classics set, with emphasis on the real classics, r&b, soul and much much more!







It's been a minute since a formal booty set, and what's a more appropriate time than fam's b-day!! You can expect the rawest, most trifling, borderline ignorant beats, perfect for ultimate nocturnal perversion. Sprinkle in some hip-hop, classic 2 Live Crew, AK-Neezy and other unmentionables and you've got a night cap to remember!






Open mic from 10:30pm-12. Respect other artists' sets and don't ask to get on if you missed open mic. Support local hip-hop and check the live acts out too! Lack of respect is a sure fire way to get ejected and banned! This is not a battle so keep it POSITIVE! Don't hog the mic or one of us will cut you off, maybe for good!









With as busy as we’ve all been, it’s not hard to understand why it’s been a while since the entire Krunk Crew’s come together for an all resident set. Underground and golden era hip-hop guru Cam One has been busy producing for cats like Seez Mics and K-Chrome, spinning alongside legendaries like Q-bert and Craze, hitting the books and all while still holding down a frequently hung over 9 to 5. Cam’s razor sharp mixing is as technical as it is entertaining. He’s also got his birthday festivities to live down since that may have been the last time most of us have seen him!!!





Between various residencies and gigs between being a DJ and holding down multiple bands, Dave Nada means never a moments rest. Whether funk, soul, hip-hop, r&b or a touch of top 40, Dave spans most of the genres while defining crowd control. Loyal Krunkers know that Nada never leaves a dance floor disappointed and his impeccable selection and programming always guarantees you’ll leave Krunk drenched and probably drunk.





After a week’s hiatus, Optimst returns from Annapolis to lace your Saturday with razor sharp freestyle rhymes and the undeniably funkdafied DJ sets you’ve grown to love. Hard at work in the studio with St. Mic, Optimst has been working day and night on the new EP and eagerly prepares for upcoming release (look for the official release party @ Krunk, coming soon). The Krunk co-founder hosts the weekly open mic sessions with charisma, wit and an upbeat nature reflected both in his lyrics and DJing.





Frequently known as a DC staple in the electronic dance music arena, Krunk creator Tittsworth has gained increased notoriety in hip-hop and Baltimore club in recent years. A man of many hats, Titts has produced for countless artists in various genres, spun from New Haven to New Orleans and thrown parties ranging from 1200 attendee massives to quaint bar-setting socials. This Saturday he’ll set his sites on aggressively attacking the dance floor with nonstop beats of all BPM’s, from De La Soul to You Big Dummy.


Get KRUNK every Saturday @ South Beach

- Free admission all night long!!!

- Free drink: http://tittsworth.com/images/krunk_FLYER.jpg

- The hottest live acts, DJ's and MC's

- Sign up for the forum! Member drink specials and more

- Late menu for those wanting REAL after food

- Covered smoking section available!

- Stay informed: e-mail jesse@tittsworth.com to join the KRUNK NEWSLETTER


- Krunk is 21+ STRICTLY

- Hours: 10:30 pm to 2:30 am

- 10 mins from DC!

- Held at South Beach (7904 Woodmont Ave / Bethesda, MD)

- Directions (including Metro) HERE

- FREE PARKING next to Black's (7750 Woodmont)

- Metro accessible!

- Open mic from 10:30 pm-12 midnight

- TV's tuned to various popular sporting events

- Consistently praised by Washington Post & more!







KRUNK in The Washington Post


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10 reasons why you cannot miss this weekend's krunk


10. only 10 mins from dc, easily accessible to most of moco and the metro!


9. when was the last time you could order food this good from your club??


8. open mic, bring yo rhymes or an interested ear


7. and i quote, "i never would have thought real hip-hop would have existed in bethesda"


6. tall 16 oz drinks for less than a watered down shot costs in many spots


5. when was the last time you could sample booty house, hip-hop, b-more club, funk, soul, rnb and latin musical flavors in the SAME VENUE for FREE?


4. yeah, i said free


3. enjoy the live performance AND get yo dance on with a lovely lady or fella!! krunk is known for great ratios!! ;-)


2. stevie wonder is gonna get dropped, which is never a bad idea.


1. it's dave nada's b-day and the cab is already reserved!!

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