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Al Gore and the Green Party


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Ever wonder why Al Gore does not belong to the Green Party. It seems a perfect fit. Both are committed to extending the greening of waste management by encouraging the spread of such practices as reduce, return, reuse, and recycle. We strongly oppose the recent attempts to roll back the federal environmental protection laws that safeguard our air, water, and soil. Al Gore and the Green Party both believe energy management must be governed by the principle of conservation, efficiency, and clean renewables. Of highest importance is to use less, then to use wisely, and to have clean production of what is used. Both believe that we need ecologically sound forms of transportation that minimize pollution and maximize energy efficiency. Surfaces impermeable to rainwater, polluted storm run-off; paved over or polluted wetlands, the heat island effect, air pollution, and acid rain are all directly related to a transportation system run amuck. Both Al Gore and the Green Party have urged the U.S. Congress to act immediately to address the critical global warming and climate change issues. So why is Al Gore not heading the Green Party?

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