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    The Corleone Family on Bfrankdc

    Me too! Just heard that Mr. McTrollerson was alleging that I'm Martin, and you, again. Yawn. Felt compelled to take a break from my boycott of any site that permits Rees' libel to restate that I am STILL not Martin. Or BFrank. Or Factchecker btw. It would thus appear that your supersecret "source" is another one of your ridiculous fabrications. And back I go, to the part of the universe that doesn't permit Rees' nonsense. Good luck, B. I don't know how you put up with him.
  2. truthseeker

    I just voted: and not for Rees

    I guarantee that he won't go away quietly, or at all. He's psychologically incapable of that. However, I'm pleased to report that intelligence and ethics have prevailed in this particular political race. With 65% of the vote counted at 10:30 PM, a whopping 15 people - well below 1%- of voters had made the mistake of selecting Rees in this Ward 3 Primary. Compared to more than 3800 for Cheh.
  3. Oh. My. God. I cannot believe he posted on a group about Chevy Chase THE ACTOR!!! That's a riot! I mean, seriously, what are the odds that a variety of totally unrelated individuals, who also happen to post on other local groups, ALL HAPPENED TO MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE? TOO funny! Glad I stopped in.
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    I should also like to point out that I haven't been posting ANYTHING on this website for quite some time. I'm not encouraging this jackass any longer, nor am I contributing to any website that encourages his behavior for its own financial gain. As you were.
  5. truthseeker

    Who is Ida Smith Rees ?

    (Oops! Sorry, B. We apparently posted thelinks at the same time. I guess these are all over town by now.) how interesting. Rees claimed on one of the DCWire threads that "some woman named Ida" who "moved to Marshall, TX" used to persecute him for his "pro-gay rights" (ha!) views. He further claimed that it was SHE who "fabricated" the profile. Lots of Idas. Lots of Texas. Lots of Rees.
  6. truthseeker

    Who is Ida Smith Rees ?

    http://www.stormpages.com/e/energylaw/. http://www.stormpages.com/i/idaruth/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ustreetnews/...40?viscount=100 http://profiles.yahoo.com/ebonyfiretx2002 deleting the page won't matter...screenshots in hand and distributed.
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    A thoroughgoing whackjob is a world away from a Rugged Individualist. I realize you imagine yourself to be the latter, but that's the disease talking I'm afraid.
  8. truthseeker


    Ah, Ward3lady, how fondly we remember you from your classic Craigslist forum spam. ;-) I have a screen shot of a post there featuring that very email address. Funny little coincidence, isn't it? Can't wait to hear the credulity-defying explanation. (*pulls up chair. leans forward*) I'm sure the moderators of several local blogs will find the IPs below of interest ;-) Violated Guidelines. This post will be placed in Spam folder. Member: Mr Rees Member Email: ward3lady@hotmail.com IP: IP: IP: IP: IP: IP:
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    And that is, as the poet said, the very definition of The Fool.
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  11. truthseeker

    The District may get representation!!!!

    Or the ward 3 election.
  12. truthseeker

    Look who's back!

    Apparently, the Post and CityPaper are done with him, so he's back here in unmoderated land. He's only been posting for about a half hour and I'm already bored with the predictability of it all. new alias, same repetitive message. Ciao.
  13. truthseeker


    Wow. Golly. We must've been wrong about "Scooper." //sarcasm.
  14. truthseeker


    Late Breaking News: Google has been invented.
  15. The most recent example of Il Innombrable's self-aggrandizing blog-jacking, took the form of the shameful "On The Stump" comments thread on DC wire. He's been posting the usual nonsense there, seemingly compulsively, for days now. As of tonight, the blog's management has finally seen fit to pull all (almost all) posts by rEESand his pretend-friends. Over 50 posts, by my count. Hopefully, everyone got screenshots of them, though I suppose it doesn't matter since the Paper Of Record has copies now. Anyway, glad they cleaned that joint up.
  16. truthseeker

    Look who's back!

    I'm sure it comforts you to think so.
  17. truthseeker

    Post blog pulls his posts - at long last

    I think you failed to understand the referent. "My posts" was part of the hypothetical construction "if I were Rees'". (And it gratifies me deeply that I am not.) Wow, Columbia University, eh? How you expect to comprehend the complexities of legislative language, let alone common discourse, is really beyond me.
  18. What's funnier than bragging about one's educational background -- while employing poor grammar and spelling, malapropisms, run-on sentences, incorrect word choices and logical errors? Absolutely nothing!! Taking Our DC Schools Back to the Four Basics Jonathan R. Rees, jrrees2006@verizon.net Despite the fact that DC has some of the best educated people in the United States this is up for debate. I find that too many of us are well educated in one area but not in enough areas. Thus most of us are guilty of being a master of one subject matter but of no other. Case in point, a few years ago I met this man who said he had a PhD. in education and was running for a position on our school board. He asked me: “Where are you from?”, and I said: “Puerto Rico.” He responded by saying that once I become a citizen, he would appreciate my vote! Duh. Here we have a man with a PhD. who did not know that Puerto Ricans are US Citizens. This man is just one on a long list of people I have met in DC who are considered part of DC’s brain bank. The sad thing is, a good education rarely equates to common sense or a knowledge of some of the most basics needed in life. We hear often that Johnny just graduated with his Master’s degree but he cannot effectively read and write, and this is because Johnny had a watered down curricula in grade school and never really mastered English or the other basic subjects because he was too busy going on field trips, playing sports, or hanging out with friends. When I was going to school, I did not have a calculator or computer to assist me with my math and thus I learned how to do algebra, geometry, calculus, and other matters without the help of modern technology and thus I have retained what I learn. Sit a young person down with a basic math test but do not allow her/him the use of a calculator and was how he/she will fail that test. My point here is, if it were up to me, I would take away from the DC Public Schools all computers and/or limit their use in a student’s studies, no more calculators allowed in the classroom or when taking tests and focusing on the four basic subjects from grades 1-8 and reserve additional studies in other matters for grades 9-12, as it was when I was growing up and my generation did from grades 9-12 learn a foreign language and other matters well. ###############
  19. truthseeker

    Funniest Rees post yet!

    Nope. I would imagine you'd get tired of always being wrong, eventually. It's tragic, really.
  20. truthseeker

    Post blog pulls his posts - at long last

    Nope. I took screen shots of them all. Only the stuff posted by the obvious Rees aliases is gone. How did the Post figure it out, I wonder? ;-) If I were Rees, I'd be a little more circumspect about my posts there.
  21. truthseeker

    What are you going to do?

    I'll try not to lose sleep over this.
  22. truthseeker

    What are you going to do?

    Better you should ask what will we do when flying robots people the earth, which is the more likely scenario. Vague and childish handbills do not equal genuine campaigning. Advertising 101: "Reaching voters" isn't enough. "Advertising" isn't about sheer quantity. There's effective advertising, and ineffective advertising. Having a coherent, well-articulated message is paramount. But in the end having a good product is the most important thing of all. In this case, a rational, capable, trustworthy, humane, intelligent, experienced candidate who believes in doing what's right. Who doesn't condone seedy shadowy on-line libel, hate speech, disinformation and spam. No amount of "advertising" can make people want a defective product.