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Catch Up With the Battlestar Galactica Story


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Watch a refresher before season three of Battlestar Galactica begins Friday, Oct. 6, at 9/8C. SCI FI is presenting a story-recap special called Battlestar Galactica: The Story So Far. The one-hour show is narrated by Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell), the Secretary of Education turned President turned resistance leader on Cylon-occupied New Caprica. Learn about humanity's costly struggle to survive against its deadliest enemy.


The special will be available on SCI FI Pulse during the entire month of September, and it will air at various times and on numerous NBC Universal channels.


The special will be broadcast as follows:


Date and Time Network

Monday, Aug. 28 Free On Demand via SCI FI's cable affiliates

Friday, Sept. 15, at Midnight/11C USA Network

Sunday, Sept. 17, at 7/6C Universal HD

Monday, Sept. 18, at 9AM/8C USA Network

Friday, Sept. 22, at 6/5C Sleuth

Friday, Sept. 22, at 8/7C Universal HD

Friday, Sept. 29, at 7/6C Bravo

Saturday, Sept. 30, at 11AM/10C Bravo

Saturday, Sept. 30, at 4/3C Universal HD

Friday, Oct. 6, at 7/6C SCI FI


(Note: Schedule is subject to change. Check your local listings.)



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