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Back pain??

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For years I suffered from terrible back pain and terrible bouts of insomnia. I didn't knwo what to do after being told numerous times to just live with it, or take an ibuprofen. However, about a year ago, I bought a new mattress and magically I have gotten much better. It was so simple, but I never thought of it! If you suffer from back pain, please do yourself this favor and check out new mattresses. I bought mine at 1-800-Mattress, and the person there was so helpful and understranding to my problems sleeping. They took everything into consideration and made numerous recommendations (not the most expensive ones too!!). I picked one out and had it in just hours! I was thrilled!

Do yourself a favor and try a new mattress. Try to skip the pills, and try not to "live with it" anymore!!!


Any questions?



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