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D.C. vs Virginia

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Nelson; I AGREE WITH YOU 100%.


As a Matter of fact, I am sure that ONE of the Rising Stars with in the DEMOCRAT PARTY

“Gov. Mark R. Warner DEMOCRAT of VIRGINIA” would NOT agree with you.






As you posted Nelson; "Virginia spending



<li>Over the last 20 years, there has been no significant increase in Virginia SAT scores. (Graph)

<li>Over the last 20 years, Virginia inflation-adjusted spending per resident for Individual and Family Services increased 66 percent. (Graph)

<li>Since 1975, Virginia inflation-adjusted spending per resident for Administration of Justice (includes prisons) increased 150 percent. (Graph)

<li>Since 1975, Virginia inflation-adjusted spending per resident for transportation has not increased. (Graph)

<li>Virginia does not spend income taxes, the state's major source of revenue, on transportation.

<li>Due to excessive bond sales, Virgnia's borrowing leverage is eroding. (Graph)


DC has:


<li>An A- Plus Bond Rating

<li>The hottest commerical market in the US

<li>The hottest residential market on the East Coast

<li>According to Linda Cropp a bright, bright future


So with all that money your bragging about which if am am correct is a mere 3.5 times the District's annual budget LOL

Plus if that is the best roads and transportation plan that the State can come up with I don't know what to say.


I can tell ya this I bet straight and gay alike to be road cursing and see someone in a car with tags with the common wealth we know your better off heading west along with any relationship potential.


While I am on it! Until you pay a computer tax since there sure are a whole gaggle of ya eroding our roads talking our you cell phone without a headset or blue anything. It cost money to maintain what your driving on, cop to ticket, I mean protect you there is no free rides in VA or DC grow up and pay your taxes.


Lastly I think a dump driver tax is in order, because man ya'll can't drive worth a lick.


All of the these are my personal opinions, execpt for the facts about the state of VA's economy which were provided by http://www.fcta.org/FACTS/graphs/graphs.htm#state


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