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Hi all! I wanted to let everyone know of a website I created recently called Pat's District. Having lived in the DC area all my life, I've often found it difficult to keep track off the music scene in the area - so many different websites to check and artists and promotions to stay on top of, etc. So I created the site to simplify the presentation of that information into a single webpage. And so the site automatically compiles a list of music scene listings on a daily basis for the greater Washington DC area, including DC, parts of Northern Virignia (including Arlington and Alexandria), parts of Maryland (including some of the great Baltimore-area venues), as well as some 'favorite' beach points nearby frequented by some DC types such as Ocean City and Dewey Beach. If you are like me and have had a hard time finding out exactly who is playing where and when on a given night/weekend/week without searching through a bazillion different resources, then I think you will find these pages very useful!!!


Here are some applicable links:


Pat's District Homepage

Pat's District Music Scene Main Page


Pat's District - Local Music Scene for Washington, DC

Pat's District - Major DC Metropolitan Area Venues (includes some venues from DC page above plus others)


In case you live in the 'burbs or you don't like navigating on your own from the above links, here are direct links to some of the surrounding VA/MD/DE area music pages that us DC folk tend to frequent on occasion:


Pat's District - Local Music Scene for Alexandria, VA

Pat's District - Local Music Scene for Arlington, VA

Pat's District - Local Music Scene for Baltimore, MD

Pat's District - Local Music Scene for Bethesda, MD

Pat's District - Local Music Scene for Dewey Beach, DE

Pat's District - Local Music Scene for Ocean City, MD

Pat's District - Local Music Scene for all of Maryland (includes applic venues from above pages plus a few 'loners')

Pat's District - Local Music Scene for all of Northern Virginia (includes applic venues from above pages plus a few 'loners')


I sincerely hope you find my pages useful - I sure have! Finding out where I want to be on a given night now is much easier. I've put a lot of work into the site to make sure it is the best it can be, and provides for a simple, centralized location to figure out what's going on in the music-scene in the area. Please respond with your thoughts and/or drop me a line via the feedback form on my site if you've got any comments or suggestions!






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Thanks for noticing that, Luke! I appeared to have lost my "Go" button recently! I only 're-test' my input/output stuff in my page when my 'automated system' I created notifies me that parts of that changed, but lo and behold, a bug in that system (which I have now fixed) neglected to remind me. <_<


And as a result, since I typically use Firefox, I didn't notice it. Eeks! Anyhow, it should be all fixed now! I just re-tested now with IE, and it appears to work fine for me. Please let me know if it does/doesn't for you.








P.S. Just as an aside, have you tried Firefox yet? If you haven't, I sincerely recommend it. You can link to their pages directly from the footer of my site if you'd like. I'm telling you, Firefox beats the pants off of IE! Less memory footprint, faster operation, better security, oodles of more functionality, tabbed browing (which is utterly phenomenal .. IE is finally catching up with Vista apparently .. but no chance I'm switching back) all wrapped into one. Give it a shot - you won't be disappointed!

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