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Redskins Trade for RB Duckett


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Last night the Washington Redskins' took part in a 3-team trade that aquireds RB T.J. Duckett from the Altanta Falcons. Duckett now joins a backfield that already consist of Clinton Portis, Ladell Betts, Mike Sellers, and Rock Cartwright. I know Portis is hurting now but I see this as a sign the Redskins are trying to replace/get rid of Betts.


Duckett, the former Michigan State standout and 18th overall pick in 2002, has carried 552 times for 2,175 yards and 31 touchdowns in 54 appearances, including 14 starts. His best season was in 2002, when he ran for 779 yards and 11 touchdowns. (thank you ESPN)


Here is the rest of the trade.

- Altanta sent RB T.J. Duckett to Washington.

- Denver sent disgruntled WR Ashley Lelie to Altanta.

- Washington sent two future draft choices, most likely a third and fourth-rounder, to Denver.


Just one last side note, are the Redskins ever going to use their picks or simply trade all of them.

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I cannot believe it. I thought that we really had enough depth in that spot. Sellers is bigger and tougher. What we need is depth at defensive tight end. The Redskins defense looked horrible last week. I know they where just calling vanilla plays, but they still look way bad.

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