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How to leave your name in the World Art History?


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My name is Denis Stepanov. I'm 25 years old and I live in the small town of Lugansk, Ukraine. Since then I finished university, I have worked as an art-dealer and manager of Internet Projects. Also I have designed websites and advertising campaigns. But I am always dreamed to create something interesting in the Internet for World of Art.


So, I has founded following website http://www.WorldArtNames.com (The World Art Names)


This Visual (Pixel) Advertising Project for everyone who creates Art, sells Art, buys Art, promotes Art, loves Art and cares about Art future.


The idea is simple: to try and make $510 000 by selling 510,000 pixels for $1 each on the Virtual World Art Map. You will see that the Virtual World Map on the main page is divided into 5,100 of these 100-pixel blocks (hence there are 510,000 pixels in total). Total Earth square is 510 000 000km2, but it can be very large picture, so I decided to equate 1 pixel to 1000km2. Hence, we have Word Art Map with Art Names (The World Art Names) which is limited by 510 00 pixels/km2. Everyone is welcome to buy my Art pixels, which are available in 100-pixel 'blocks' (each measuring 10x10 pixels).The reason for selling them in 100-pixel blocks is because anything smaller would be too small to display anything meaningful.


The pixels you buy will be displayed on the main page permanently. The main page will not change. So, in the long run, I believe the pixels will offer good value. And you can really leave your name in the World Art History!


I suppose, that advertisers will receive double benefit by placing their image and link on my website http://www.WorldArtNames.com. It is the original visual (pixel) advertising on the Internet for the Art website and the advertiser's name will be linked to the charity they support. These are both positive for any organization and/or the person.


My website have Great charity program where I plan to share 50% of website profits with someone who need my help. You can find more info about Web Site Charity Program on my website.


I think I'm quite a creative person, so I wanted to come up with an idea that was unique and would hopefully capture people's imagination.


Visit my website http://www.WorldArtNames.com and leave your name in the World Art History!


Good luck to everyone!


Yours sincerely,


Denis Stepanov

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So your This Visual (Pixel) Advertising Project is basically a visual advertisement on the web at the cost of $100.00 USD per pixel. The cost seems rather high.


According to Google there are 11,800,000 advertising schemes like yours. What makes Visual (Pixel) Advertising Project different?


Pixel advertising gained popularity in the last quarter of 2005 when British student Alex Tew created a website named The Million Dollar Homepage, and solicited advertisers to buy ad space measured in pixels on the homepage. The price was set at $1 USD per pixel, and there were 1 million pixels of space available. In approximately five months all of the ad space was sold and Mr. Tew had made over one million dollars. This made news worldwide and gained public and business interest in pixel ads.


Many web sites which host pixel ads exist in a variety of compositions. As a general rule, they follow Mr. Tew's example by selling pixel ads in 100 pixel "blocks" because this is the smallest size to reasonably display anything meaningful, and remain easily clickable. A few newer sites have additional feature that allows a larger image to appear when visitors hover the cursor over the small pixel ad, while others allow pixel ads to be bought for a temporary period of time.

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