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DC Action for Children’s (DC ACT) 5 Promises to Kids Campaign urges the newly elected mayor of DC this November to address the most critical needs of the city’s youngest residents. The five promises are centered on themes of child well being, which include safe children, youth opportunity, school readiness, government accountability and fair chances for success. During the week of August 28, we will host a preliminary launch event to increase the outreach and visibility of our campaign. We will need volunteers to help us pass out information on the 5 Promises to Kids Campaign, ask people to sign their names to show their support for the campaign and then offer them a complimentary gift. We will also need volunteers to help at our Launch event, which will be during the week of September 5.


Volunteers are pivotal in heightening the awareness of the importance of helping our city’s youngest residents. We hope that you will make your commitment to children and youth in DC by volunteering for this campaign! Join us by filling out the volunteer registration form online at www.dckids.org. For more information or questions please contact Antoinette Powell at aroach_powell@dckids.org or (202) 234-9404. To learn more about the 5 Promises to Kids Campaign click here.

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PROMISE 1: Children and youth will be safe in their homes and communities. All too often in the District of Columbia, young people are abused or neglected by their parents or caregivers. Violence in our communities and homes also threatens the physical and emotional well-being of children and youth. There is much the government can and should do to build and cultivate safe, healthy and caring communities, communities that support and protect children and youth.


Promise 2: Children and youth will have the resources to meet life's challenges Adults have a responsibility to support and nurture children and youth so they have the opportunity to thrive. We can change the current trajectory of many of the District's young people so that the city no longer leads the nation in adolescent drug use, teen pregnancy, teen violence and school drop-out rates. The District government is obligated to meet the critical needs of young people and provide adequate and quality resources for children and adolescents to transition into successful adults.


What is promise 3 and 4?

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Promise 3:


Children and youth will have a fair chance to succeed no matter where they live


Challenges like violence, health problems and housing insecurity too often prevent young people who live in high poverty areas from achieving their potential. The District can reverse the collective impact of these challenges and ensure a fair chance by focusing on the neediest communities first and eradicate opportunity segregation. DC should fund services close to where the most fragile children and youth live and most importantly make the success of low-income children and youth a priority in policy and the budget.


More on this promise at http://www.dckids.org/getinvolved/promise3.php.




Promise 4 is being released on August 21 -- check the web site -- www.dckids.org.

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