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Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh

Twenty five incidents have been reported since 28.01.2006. Pirates are targeting ships preparing to anchor. Ships are advised to take extra precautions.



The IMB Report on Piracy and Armed Attacks on Ships from January to June 2006 is now published. Please see the end of this page to order.



Suspicious crafts


None reported.


Recently reported incidents


28.07.2006 between 2100-2200 LT at Chittagong anchorage 'b', Bangladesh.

Three robbers boarded a tanker using long poles with hooks. Alert crew activated fire hoses and repelled boarders. Master reported this was the third attack that night.



26.07.2006 at 0200 LT at Belawan anchorage, Indonesia.

Three robbers armed with long knives boarded a tanker at forecastle and stole ship's stores. All crew chased robbers who jumped into water and escaped in a boat waiting with five accomplices.



30.7.2006 at 2115 LT at Chittagong outer anchorage 'b', Bangladesh.

Three robbers armed with knives boarded a container ship at poop deck and stole ship's stores. Alert crew raised alarm and robbers jumped overboard and escaped.



27.07.2006, 67 nm from Langkawi, Malacca straits.

Five armed pirates attacked two fishing boats and kidnapped four crew members. They are demanding a ransom from the owners for the release of the crew.




Piracy prone areas and warnings


S E Asia and the Indian Sub Continent


Bangladesh : Chittagong anchorage.

Indonesia : Galasa Straits, Jakarta (Tg.Priok)

Malacca straits

Singapore Straits

Africa and Red Sea


Gulf of Aden / Southern Red Sea

Somalian waters - Eastern and northeastern coasts are high-risk areas for hijackings. Ships not making scheduled calls to ports in these areas should keep at least 200 nm away from the coast

West Africa : Lagos

South and Central America and the Caribbean waters

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