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Slow Your Pace - Don't over exert yourself. If you must engage yourself physically, slow your pace and choose the coolest time of day to do so.



Stay Indoors - If there is no air-conditioning in the home, avoid the upper floors. Remember, heat naturally rises.



Drink Plenty of Water-- Avoid dehydrating beverages (caffeinated drinks and alcohol). Iced herbal teas or healthy juice bars can be quite refreshing.



Wear Light colored Clothing-- Choose white or lighter color clothing over black and darker shades that tend to absorb the heat, whereas white reflects the heat.



Eat Less-- Avoid eating large meals. Eating more frequently with smaller portions will be more easily digested. No need to stress your body further during a heat spell with a sluggish tummy.


Install a De-humidifier in your living quarters. Sticky humidty in the air factors into heat discomfort, and For Gods Sake REST.



Heat exhaustion and possible heatstroke symptoms include mental confusion, rapid pulse and heartbeat, dilated pupils, rapid and shallow breathing, either elevated or lowered blood pressure and unconsciousness.



I know it's hard with this HOT WEATHER, but try to be tolerant towards each other.

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