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Here is another story from bernie...


Yahoo! Introduced a new Web site that does not sell plane tickets or hotel rooms.


Instead, the new site integrates pay-per-click ads that charge a fee to companies such as Orbitz when users leave Yahoo's travel pages.


Yahoo has also arranged a sponsorship deal for Trip Planner with MasterCard.


"Yahoo hopes to lure surfers to the site using Silicon Valley's favorite gambit of the moment -- user-generated content, this time in the form of user-generated travelogues and photos," wrote Forbes.com.


Jasper Malcolmson, director of Yahoo! Travel, said:


"I don't know about any premium brand being associated with a 100% user-generated content product. Advertisers tend to feel uncomfortable with user-generated content because it is unpredictable."


He said he thought Trip Planner will help Yahoo! grow its traffic and revenues in the face of a maturing on-line market.



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