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Washington Post Slams Baltimore in Battle of Beltway Advertisement

Guest Jeeter

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Guest Jeeter

I came down from Baltimore to watch the game friday night. Most people would agree that Nationals fans are pretty much non-existant, but nice. I have no beef with them. But, the Washington Post can suck my left nut. If anyone saw this advertisement on the back of their free rag, please post it. I hope this board is not controlled by them. What happenned to all those years of loving coverage? What pissed me off even more is thier frigging ad over the birds dugout. I will tell every friend I have that the Washington Post no longer has any class and will throw peanuts at every post journalist I see. I feel better now.

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I went to Friday nights game and my buddy thought the Nationals would lose the rest of their games.

He was just mad that he lost a $100 bet. Looks like the Orioles have no offense. The birds are tied for

last place. Who would have thought.


Did you know? Soriano leads the Major Leagues in leadoff home runs with nine.


Oh I also saw that Battle of the Beltway ad on the paper. Another friend of mine told me about it. It looks like the Post just wanted to show what side they are on. I bet the editor did not see that page. It was just a marketing stunt.


Check out our Battle of the Beltway photo gallery.

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Just for clarification this was a Washington Nationals advertisement on the Back of the Friday's Washington Post Express paper on Page 18.


It stated:


Washington is named for George Washington: General, President, Father of our Country.

Baltimore is named for some British Lord.


The Nationals Colors Are Red, White, and Blue. Good Old American Colors.

The Orioles Are Orange. The Color Of The Netherlands.


Both Towns Have A Beltway.

But, C'mon, When You Think Of THE BELTWAY, Do You Really Think Of 695


Washington Has The Capitol, The White House, And Brilliant Alabaster Monuments.

Baltimore Has Crabs.


I really do not think the Washington Post took this advertisement seriously. I am sure they do not endorse the advertisement.


It was weird for me to go to RFK on Saturday. I was one of those freaks who had a Nationals tee-shirt and a Orioles baseball cap on. I am torn between loyalties. Angelos is a prick, but I love the O's. I live in the District and want to support the home team, but I have great memories at Camden Yards.


I was at Camden on September 6, 1995. It was one of the last games my father took me to see Cal Ripken break Lou Gehrig's Streak of 2131 games.


I was at RFK to see the Redskins beat the Cowboys. Yada, Yada, Yada.


So I go to the game on Saturday not caring who wins. Both teams suck at this point. But, I have to say that when I left RFK I was bummed and I did not know why. I thought it was the alcohol, but it wasn't. After Sunday's Nationals victory I realized that I was upset that the Os had lost. I now realize that they are my number one team. For better, or for worse.


Thank the Umpire above that the teams are not in the same league and do not share the same beltway.

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