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I believe that Linda Cropp with all her good and bad is the most qualified candidate running for mayor based on her own merits and the fact that she would get less resistence from the members of the city council than say Fenty or Orange.


Also, Cropp would have it easier with the US Congress than Orange or Fenty for a long string of reasons.


Luke, I am a centrist Democrat which puts me right of most of the mayoral candidates.


On September 12, my wife and I will vote Cropp, Gray for chair, Bolden and Catania at large and this is because we too want to see DC go back to the center and away from the far left it has drifted into.





Who do you think is the best choice for mayor?

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Luke since the Democratic Party controls DC and it is hard to get elected unless you say you are Democrat, I feel many are not but say they are.


The Republican Party in DC is hard to define insofar as what they stand for.


If Carol Schwartz is your typical Republican then the Republicans in DC are quite liberal.



Mr. Rees,

What is your opinion of DC's Republican Party?

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