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Dear Sir/Madam




I came across your email address through Internet search. I do not know you or have I done any business with you before but my instinct tells me to try and see if you will be interested in my proposition. I am also sending this email to other five people also from Internet search. I will choose one person from the five people I will email. That is if they are interested in my proposal.


My name is JOHN GARD. I have worked in a bank here in Europe name (withheld) for 15yrs. I happened to be an account officer to one Mr. (Name Withheld) who deposited a total amount of $15,000,000.00 in 1990. Mr. (Name Withheld) died two years ago in a car accident and have no next of kin to come and claim this money.

As his account officer I have every thing it takes to send this money to anybody that comes forward as his next of kin but since he does not have next of kin I am willing to make you his next of kin. I will give you 50% and I will keep 50% for my self. You do not need to come to the bank, all you need to do is follow my instructions and I will have the money wired to you in no time.


This Transaction is totally risk free and legal you should not exercise any atom of fear because I have taken care of every thing. Confidentiality and secrecy is highly needed. If you are interested you can contact me through the below email address. I will give you more information upon your acceptance to this proposal. Please include your direct phone number in your reply.







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