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Weather Forecasting Umbrella


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I edited the article to get to the meat of the matter. For those who wish to read the full article the link is below.




The Cambridge, Mass.-based company Ambient Devices Inc. is a leading maker of 'glanceable' forecasting devices using wireless technology and is winning over praise since its start in the fall of 2001. The company aims not to crowd consumers with a number of features but rather produce objects that are so-called polite technology.


The company, aside from its products, also licenses this technology out to other companies aimed with the same goal such as GPS systems for cars allowing for individuals to know traffic congestion, or LG refrigerators with weather forecasts.


But their latest anticipated device is the 'Forecasting Umbrella' set to debut in summer 2006 and the 'E Ink Weather Wizard' this fall.


The Forecasting Umbrella uses proprietary data-radio in the handle, which receives accuweather.com information and pulses when rain is forecast.


Battery-operated, its handle also glows to remind a forgetful individual to take the umbrella with them.

Meanwhile, the E Ink Weather Wizard is a thin display mounted to the wall, refrigerator or used as a bedside clock, and shows the 'Atomic time' with current conditions and the five-day forecast, according to the company.


Using batteries, it too connects to accuweather.com, updating the forecasts every hour, using weather icons and giving temperature expectations.

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