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Guest human_*

Ya know as you get older gardening can actually be relaxing, but like so many first time gardeners I know next to nothing on how to garden, and I had to find myself a site out there on the World Wide Web that made it simple yet comprehensive.



I always wanted to learn in how to plant strawberries, and veggies. I haven't been through there entire web site, but as a newbie it looks like it's at the right pace for me, and I hope all of you enjoy it.



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Guest human_*

One of my neighbors has built a Rock Garden with a stepped waterfall. He wanted to camouflage the drainage ditch, and it looks pretty cool. With shrubs growing around it. It's nice.


Then I have another neighbor who built up her garden for humming birds, and butter flies. <~~~~~ this one is WAYYYYY out of my league.




Hey Human,

Thanks for posting a really good web site.


Check out my new Spring flower photos. I think you will like them.




I went looking for planting ideas.



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Guest human_*

Thinking here, going to that web site it made me wonder if this ~~~~~~~>http://www.solutions.uiuc.edu/content.cfm?series=4&item=558&Parents=0|103|105|106 "Circus Animal Manure

Circus animal manure can be used on most gardens and incorporated into compost piles where allowed by law.

An elephant will produce approximately 164,250 pounds of waste per year. The manure is similar in texture to horse manure and is classified as a "hot" type, meaning manure has the ability to burn plants if used in a fresh state.

Lion manure has a strong odor. Production can be 4,562 pounds per year. Lion manure is considered "cold" and should not have a burning effect. "Big Cat" manures, including tiger and panther, may have some effect in keeping animals out of the garden. However, make sure the animals have not been fed meat products.

Giraffe manure is "hot" and produced at the rate of 18,250 pounds per year. The texture is closer to sheep manure. " would keep the deer away?

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