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Republicans & Lobbyists: "Unified as a team"

Guest DCCC @Stake

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Guest DCCC @Stake

It seemed for a moment as if the legislator-lobbyist pay-for-play machine that Tom DeLay and the Republicans had built was in a moment of crisis. Not much a crisis of conscience so much as a crisis of public relations - how could they continue to work as one giant influence-peddling network now that the taint of scandal was attached to any such operation?


Well, they got over that fast!


While the rest of the old Republican operation is splintering and scattering, we can all feel assured that the Republicans and their farm of lobbyists are getting along swimmingly and looking forward towards a new day of even grander, more cooperative sell-outs...

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Guest human_*

It's so nice to know that your side "democrats" still thinks of my group "Republicans" as evil incarnate.


Thank You Law. Ya know, I might have been insulted if you called my group "Nice".




Watch the secret Republican training video.



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