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Cowboys Sign Terrell Owens to 3 Year Contract


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Bill Parcells wasn't even at the press conference....LOL.


The contract that Owens signed with the Cowboys provides him the opportunity to be one of the highest-paid wide receivers in NFL history over a three-year period, and the chance to earn more than he would have under his contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, ESPN.com has learned.


The three-year contract can be worth as much as $25 million if Owens plays through the deal and Dallas opts to pay him pricey roster bonuses in the springs of 2007 and 2008.


Owens, who was released by the Eagles on Tuesday, will earn a bonus of $5 million for this season and a base salary of $5 million, for total compensation of $10 million.


Although Owens is recognized as one of the most dominant receivers in the NFL today, he is also known for being a troublesome, high-maintenance player on and off the field. While he is generally dependable on the field, he has developed a reputation for causing controversies with teammates, coaches, opposing players, and fans. Even so, after banishment from the Eagles in 2005, many teammates came forward voicing support for Owens and campaigning in vain for his reinstatement with the Eagles.


Cowboys Coach, Bill Parcells was nowhere to be seen at the press conference. Owner Jerry Jones stated that Parcells was too busy working on free agents to attend. Rumor has it that Parcells did not want Terrell on the team and will consider quitting before he has another heart attack. I am just waiting for Owens next commercial.


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Guest Joe knight

Terrell Owens is going to be trouble for the Cowboys and I think Terrell Owens will be mouthy and arrogant and Terrell Owens will not be with the Cowboys too long. I never liked him at all.

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Guest check it out

If anyone paid attention they would know Parcells never attends press conferences from signing free agents. Guess what though TO will be minding what he does at least for this year. DAllas gave him a whole new chance after about ruining his career. The Cowboys will benefit from him greatly even though I like neither of the mentioned.

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