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Misguided Rene Gonzalez Of Umass

Guest B. D.

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Guest B. D.

Ms. Gonzalez wrote an item that appeared in the UMass Daily Collegian and received a great deal of nationwide press. It can be read by clicking on the following link:




I must say that it's hilarious to see what the 'thinking' is of some college aged individuals. Still almost wet behind the ears, with little life experience, they seem

to think they know everything.


Anyone who thinks that there's no difference between the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is a simpleton.


We went to war in Afghanistan to take on the **inappropriate material** who attacked us on 9-11 (and who are still eager to do it again!), and those who gave support and refuge to them.


We started the war in Iraq (and thereby took critical resources away from Afghanistan) because the conflict between Saddam and Bush sr. was still unresolved (Saddam did try to kill Bush's daddy), and because this would string out the fight against Bin Laden until just before the election (can't have this thing end in time for the piss poor economy to make voters want to once again defeat a Bush, (and this time by a margin large enough to count)!


Dubya has in his mind some immature competition thing going with his daddy, and so this was a Texas macho sort of one-upsmanship thing, he can say that he did what his daddy was afraid to do, go into Baghdad and take out Saddam.


And so what if world instability leading to WWIII is the result?


There were no weapons of mass destruction, and we did not go there because he abused his own people. Bush lied! And Iraq did not attack us!


We would never have gone in there if they had no oil (the second largest known reserve in the world)! Look at North Korea, which definitely has WMD and abuses their citizens much more, starving them and denying them basic human rights while they bankrupt the country to build nuclear bombs! There are other countries with similar records, but they have no oil.


(It is rumored that Cuba is sitting on newly discovered oil deposits. Can you imagine what Dubya is planning for a second term if, God forbid, he can steal another election?)


And we did not go into Iraq to plant the seed of democracy in the region. These Arab Muslims are too brainwashed by their religion to think enough to select their own leaders. They never have. These folks seem to need a king/dictator to maintain stability, otherwise, they would be in a constant state of civil war! (In this part of the world, when the 'president' dies, they don't hold elections to find their new leader - the son takes over, as was done in recent years in Jordan and Syria! These are not presidencies, but rather kingdoms in everything but name!)


If they held elections today in Iraq, Saddam would probably still win, if only because anyone who thinks independently enough to understand that this is not in

their best interest is either dead, afraid, or has left the country!


Western style democracy simply does not seem to suit the Arab world...


Thanks to Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld, one thing the region will never have again is stability! At least not in our lifetime.


Saddam was a first class **smile**. He did invade his neighbors, and he did launch missiles into Israel. He was a major threat before we enforced the sanctions, and

no one is mourning his fate. But he has not been a threat for a number of years! He's been stuck in a box with no-fly zones and economic sanctions.


The region was stable prior to our invasion and he was no longer a threat.


Anyway, for Rene Gonzalez to have written this trash regarding Pat Tillman is a lot like ragging on Gore or Kerry for their service in Viet Nam. These guys followed

their consciences. They went and served, even though they could easily have avoided service (as did Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gingrich, Limbaugh, and all the rest of the chickenhawk Repugnicans). When they felt that their country needed

them, they answered the call (even though the thought of killing others was repugnant).


In Tillman's case, he saw that we were attacked on 9-11, that we were likely to be attacked again by these same **inappropriate material**, and he felt that he needed to help fight our

enemies, just as others in his family had done over the years. And he gave up a multi million dollar salary to pursue this course of action.


It would have been a shame if he had been killed in Iraq, (he enlisted to fight against the **inappropriate material** who attacked us)!


I seriously doubt that this Rene Gonzalez has done a damn thing for this country. I am guessing that she has federally guaranteed student grants and loans, etc. and

takes full advantage of the benefits of living in the U.S. and has no interest in ever giving back? I wonder if she or any of her relatives has done anything for the

country? Or do they just take what they can get...


She shows piss poor judgment and incredible insensitivity in writing this item, and especially in have it posted before the guy is even buried! She apparently has no

conscience and seems to be lacking in intelligence and morals ...


Someday, if and when she grows up, I strongly suspect that she will see how very wrong she was to attach her name to this garbage she wrote about Tillman, and the

embarrassment shall no doubt haunt her for the rest of her life.

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Guest Batch

I just can't believe that someone who has had the privelege of majoring in African American Music in college can express such a disdain for our country and government.


I think it would be humorous to see Rene try and get that degree back in his home of Puerto Rico.

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Hey B.D.

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