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Mufti Aziz And Muslim Brothers


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Yesterday the Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Shiekh Abdel Aziz, harshly condemned the Apr. 21 terrorist attack the “Haramein Army” launched against the General Security building located on Washm Street in Riadh.


In a statement issued by Mufti’s office, Shiekh Abdel Aziz said “those who organized attack are a few confused people hiding behind a mask of religion.” The mufti warned that “it’s wrong for anyone to cover up what the criminals did. Anyone who does so acts an accomplice to their crime.”


Moreover, during an interview released on state Saudi television, the mufti stressed that “anyone stained with innocent Muslim blood will be punished by the eternal flames of Hell.”


He also expressed his “full support to Saudi government leaders” and praised efforts security forces have made to “defend the Muslim territory from such confused people.”


The attack, which appears to be of Islamic origin, was also condemned by the Egyptian-based Muslim Brothers organization, which the said the attack was of a “criminal nature”.


Mohammed Mahdi Akaf, head of the Muslim Brothers organization, said the attack was “a violation of the mandates of Islam which safeguard the spirit, blood, property and honor (of Muslims).”


The attack was also condemned by secular Arab countries like Syria, whose President Bashar Al-Assad sent a letter of condolence to the king of Saudi Arabia, stating the attack was the result of a “terrorist action”. (PB)

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