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The fact is, there have been countless allegations that both Brooks and Rees have appeared on numerous message boards but nobody to date has ever proven such to be true.


All allegations of alias posting have been made by people who post such allegations under alias names themselves.


If any message board has banned names, there is no proof that these aliases belong to either Brooks or Rees!


The fact is, I believe certain people who dislike the candidates are placing all these phony postings on the message boards in an effort to discredit the candidates.


One fact is for sure and can be seen every night and that is, Rees is seen out on the streets every night with his people giving out his campaign stuff but nobody has ever seen Brooks out on the streets at nights doing the same.


I think Luke Wilbur should try and find out who is doing these postings attempting to make it look like the candidates and their alleged aliases are doing it.

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